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Progress for the Bucks...

At 3 and 0 with a bye coming. JT has had 3 tough scrimmages prior to the NW night game. Our D is playing more in concert with each other. Obviously, the O needs work...and one wonders what direction that will go...especially the run game. I don't have any wise suggestions and it's JT's habit to recognize and stay with his seniors...so Lydell may continue to get majority of carries. Zwick looked better than ok today. He's growing into the position too.

I had bad feelings about this away game, simply because our Bucks were away and at NCSt who had been waiting for this game on their calendar for a year. To win there is bigger than it first seems.

I feel better about our Bucks. They will have a good season, me thinks.


17-4 since 2001
Yeah...I think any Buckeye fan would be lying if they said they weren't worried about this game. I have been worried about it since before the season started. I really hoped Ohio State would go 3-0, but my head told me it was more likely we would see 2-1. This is really better than I thought Ohio State would be at this point. I can't really complain about anything in this game. Before it started I was worried we wouldn't win...I didn't care how it happened, I just wanted to win. We won. It was a tough road game. I'm happy!
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