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Previews of two first opponets + Wisconsin








My thoughts on this.

First of all it appears to me after reading these previews that UCincy is going to prove to be a much tougher test than I thought and a strong underrated early test. I think it sounds like to me they match up very well against us, and I don't like the fact that they are experienced and still have that Gudougiliciailacoa at QB. There weakness appears to be on the outside so Zwick (or Smith) is going to probably pass to beat them. You knod D-Tonio is brining the heat.

Marshall seems to have a lot of high praise written about them, but I can't figure out why they look that tough based on what they wrote? The match up fairly poorly I would think against us.

Wisconsin, has earned an underacheiver label that will not sit well with ole Barry. This will be the first war of the season imho.
Good post Killer.

I'd add that Marshall doesn't appear to match up well, but they did surprise K-State in the midst of a mediocre year last year, so they can reach up and bite a good team, as they've proven many times. Still, I'd rather play them than Toledo, or NIU, or BGSU again.

Wisconsin is at their most dangerous when they aren't given the big hype...they made their Rose Bowls by and large that way, whereas they've been pretty disappointing recently when people were picking them to win the league with Evans and Davis. The sexual assault scandal will be interesting.

Cincy will be all fired up, which will either make the game very close or backfire big-time. We'll see, but it depends on the level of polish our new guys stepping in can show.
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Our weakest opponent this year would, well, tie last year's weakest opponent: Indiana vs. Indiana. But our second and third weakest opponents would have both beat last year's three weakest opponents. I think our schedule is a little tougher than last year's, while our team is on a rebuilding year.

Marshall is not being praised enough, yet they are always in contention for the MAC title AND they return what seems like about 35 of their 22 starters.

As I said in a previous post, the Cincy game will be the first start for many, maybe too many, of our players. Enough of each team will be back to remember what happened in the previous matchup. Our side may think that maybe we were lucky to have won. while Cincinnati may think they can stay with us, and that takes away any psycholocal edge. But the main reason I think this will be a tough game is the new coach down there. If you haven't heard: he's pretty good.

NCSt may or may not be good, it all depends on whether they have found someone to replace Rivers. We won't, and they won't know until the first game is well under way, and he has (or hasn't) handled game speed pressures. If he's even decent, the Buckeyes will be in trouble. And remember, the game can't get any closer than last year's and still have us win.

I've seen several threads where people are worried about Purdue. We beat them last year, and now they have to replace their whole defense. Maybe not a cakewalk, but a definate W for us.
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I want to kick Wisconsin's ass this year. I cannot wait for that one. I also am very excited for the NC State game, I anticipate their followers to flame starting mid season stating how they will beat us in their house. I have a hard time believing that.

The schedule is set up right for a championship run.......we must get through our first 3 games though.
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