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Possible 6th BCS game?

That plan is not an improvement. What if OSU and USC are the only 2 undefeated teams next year and play in the Rose Bowl with the rules set back to conference tieins. You're telling me that the winner of that game should have to play again, against a team that already lost? How many times must the undefeated team win?
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like I've said all along on this topic......it must first grow to four teams, before it can be 16. Furthermore, when is the last time number five had a legit gripe at the title? Please (go back to 1869 if you have to) one of you guys tell me? for debate? THE BOWLS HAVE OFFERD TOO MUCH MONEY FOR TO LONG TO JUST BE DIGuARDED, too many blue hairs in Pasadena. The bcs has done a better job of matching 1 and 2, than the old system did, that muCH is true. I think with all the data being fed into that damn computer, it can eaisly get the top 4 right. I agree, add the extra game, it saves the bowls, and adds to the fun, besides it cant be in question after (that) a super bowl of college football can it?

note: this will also please the school presidents BOTTum line
and not hurt the players academic future.
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Furthermore, when is the last time number five had a legit gripe at the title?

Lots of teams that have one loss at the end of the regular season have a legitimate claim to chance to play for the title. For example, Oklahoma finished the regular season undefeated and looking invicible, with many one-loss teams not looking as good. Then the Big 12 title game then showed everyone that the regular season isn't always indicative of how good a team is. Many one-loss teams, and even a few two-loss teams, can be as good as any undefeated teams "left standing" at season's end (remember 1984 BYU?). The regular season wouldn't lose any meaning even if 16 teams qualified for the playoffs, since the regular season would serve as the seeding machanism for the playoffs.
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Mili it would kill what is beautiful about college football that dosent exist in any other sport (loose more than one and your done). Go back to that year, 84? does number five really have a chance, Ill bet they were real weak (that year in particular)...Mili my ole friend. A 16 playoff games kills the bowls, the BOWL commitee has too many Jacksons to wave around. It is a proven system for 102 years that dosent exist in any other sport. They are too strong.
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Most honorable tom-san, my point is that some undefeated teams (ala BYU) get love from one or both polls when they don't deserve it, while one-loss teams ranked lower (even 6th, 7th, 8th, etc.) may not be as "weak" as the polls say they are. We're both old enough to know that there were many one-loss teams that were as good as undefeated BYU was in 1984. For example, Oklahoma finished #6 in both polls at 9-2-1 (lost to #2 Washington 28-17 in the Orange Bowl). Florida finished #3 in the AP poll and #7 in the coaches poll at 9-1-1 (four place disparity?!). We both know that both of those teams would've beat BYU on a neutral field (BYU beat a then 6-5 Michigan by 7 points in the Holiday Bowl).

By the way, glad to see you're active over here now! Hope you hang around from now on...
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eh, i used to for a playoff, but i think id prefer to keep it to the bowls now... you could make it 16 teams and still have someone throw a fit about not getting it... if you make it more than the top two you make sure no one can gripe being IN the top two, but then the number 5 can say hey, im better than the number 4, why cant i get in? i find it funny that the bcs system was created with all its computers to make an OBJECTIVE national title, but when those computers dont agree the polls everyone has a cow.. besides i think all the contraversy of a split title is the best thing that can happen to college football... what could possibly generate more intrest? and now youve got two fan bases buying up extra merchandise because they are both the champs.....
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This whole Idea is stupid

What it basically will do from what I have understood is re-establish the traditional bowl match ups

Rose Big ten-Pac ten
Sugar SEC
Orange Big 12/ACC
Fiesta Big East/ Big 12
Mystery bowl? Best Non BCS Confrence champion

And three at large.

Here is the problem.

The Fiesta bowl or Orange bowl, whichever doesn't get the Big 12 will probably have a hard time making the ecconomics work, as well as the mystery bowl

The Big East is still in the BCS

If the #1 team is Big Ten/Pac10 andthe #2 team is Big Ten/Pac 10 then we will have to play two national championship games to win the National championship where everyone else gets a virtual by with a lower ranked at large or weak confrence champion.

I think that if they are going to do this they must make sure that the 1-4 and 2-3 matchups are played in the bowl season then we can see a champion in the after the bowls BCS championship game.
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well, there alot of big issues here, the rotating of the championship site, how do you seed the teams and most importantly splitting up the money, who knows what will happen but if we can reach mars, why cant we find a system that identifies without a doubt a national champion, one reason and one reason only and thats MONEY, the bowls want some, the colleges want some and the conferences want their piece of the pie, not to mention ABC tv.

A big mess with no end in site really in my opinion, lets go back to the traditional bowls, to me watching the Rose bowl with OSU and USC going at it is the way it should be.

:osu: :lift: :bigten: :scum3: :osu2: :rofl:
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I agree bucknuts. I want to see big 10 pac 10 in the rose as much as possible.
I think the system should stay like it is. If you want to be an outright national champion win every game. I think a playoff would ruin college football drama, the thing about the system now is that every regular season game could mak or break or break you. The regular season, especially conference play is a playoff in itself
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