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Playboy's Women of McDonald's


I've always liked them

Playboy Searches For 'Hamburger Hotties'

CHICAGO -- Move over "Women of Enron," "Women of Starbucks," Women of Home Depot," and "Women of Wal-Mart," Playboy magazine is now searching for -- the "Women of McDonald's."

The magazine said in a press release that potential candidates 18 years or older who are employed at McDonald's anywhere in the world are urged to send in their photos to its Chicago headquarters.

The magazine asks potential candidates to send at least two current snapshots: one headshot and one full-body shot (bikini or nude).

Applicants must also have a recent pay stub showing proof of current employment at McDonald's.

Playboy's press release states: "The world may be on the Atkins diet, but we still love our buns. Playboy.com is looking for the world's sexiest McDonald's employees to step out from behind the counter and drop their saltshakers."

The online publication of the adult men's magazine has previously run pictorials of the women of Enron, the collapsed energy trading company, of Starbucks, the No. 1 coffee chain, of Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer and of home improvement chain Home Depot.
There are probably some out there but I've never a seen any chick close to good looking working at McDonalds
Can I get that ass supersized?


Some more fast-food floozies......

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We still have the women of Enron laying around my apartment. They had some hotties working there. If I remember correctly from the bit of the Enron movie I saw Kenny liked to hire strippers and call them VP's
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