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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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    Actually, it's not, but I thought I'd have some fun. tibor75 is on the Univeristy of Pittsburgh Medical Center network, so I went to the www.upmc.edu website and looked up all the cardiology specialist to try and find his name. By the way, here's the list of cardiologists there. Come to find out he's still an intern so no photo posted. Damn, I was looking forward to doing some serious PhotoShop work on it!

    That was before I realized you were of foreign decent and that you weren't a full-fledged doctor yet.

    Actually Tibor you must be the one that is pretty dumb because here's the thread right here:

    If the link doesn't work, it's on page 15 of the General Discussion Board entitled, "Is this Tibor?"
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    It is funny to read Ripturd's insight once again:

    It's also unprofessional, irresponsible when you go and post the comments regarding myself and Bucknuts over on Buckeye Planet. So let's talk about hidden agendas here KentStateBuck.

    Further, TIBOR BROKE FORUM RULES AND CIRCUMVENTED A BAN by that SAME PRIVATE WEBSITE that you find it cool to attack over on BuckeyePlanet.

    Please spare me this BS innocent victim crap. No one's buying it. He was banned once before, and circumvented the ban. He's criminally tresspassing on private property. Good luck going to a court of law and saying "Hey, he was tresspassing and they told everyone where he worked even though everyone already knew because he mentioned it himself in the public forums."

    If you don't like Bucknuts or how the administration runs the site, let me know and I'll remove your account right now rather than you complaining about it over on BuckeyePlanet and then coming back over here and trolling.

    Finally, I don't operate on a vendetta. If I did, I would have banned you already for your comments on Buckeye Planet regarding the ownership and the site even though I have just grounds to do so as the forum guidelines say that your behavior on other sites can be taken into account.

    You won't be trolling here though and I will assure you that. Troll over there, but when you're here, you'll be following the forum guidelines and posting responsibly like the ownership asks or you'll be over on the Third Wives Club Forum on BP with something to actually complain about.

    What a joke. Grow up.
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    The hits just keep on coming:

    Not only has RogerMoore been banned, but I've contacted the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's network admin and made it plainly clear that if I see Tibor on these forums again, I'll pursue any action necessary to remedy it.

    Let this go for anyone whom I find is using multiple accounts on here in violations of forums guidelines or to circumvent a ban.

    I will find you and I will report you to your ISP's network abuse team. If it's a repeated problem, you might find yourself on the receiving end of a criminal tresspassing charges.

    I am not playing around. I don't like this crap at all.

    Problem users are not welcome here.
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