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Pay for me to go to ucla!


an imbecility, a stupidity without name

This chick is trying to raise money to 'go to college'. She is basically stealing the idea of a girl who claimed to be trying to pay off her CC debt a few years ago. Of course, now that some Trojan fans have found out, she is getting the grief that has been pent up since the Ruin faithful went into hiding.

Andrea, I sent you a dollar about a week ago and boy am I glad I did remember what you said about being able to help me later, well its later and I’m in need of some help. It’s a long story but here goes… So I’m eating my Corn Flakes today like I always do and my pregnant crackhead wife walks in and bam smacks me up sid ethe head with a hot iron. To this I responded “what the hell is wrong with you now bitch I didn’t sodomize your sister again” she starts screaming about something but I couldn’t understand what she was saying thru the pillow (somthing about breathing I think)anyways she must have been tired because the bitch fell asleep right in the middle of our argument (stupid bitch)well its just like her to start somthing and not finish so I left to go get some smoke and meet up with my fellow gang members for some petty crime. On the way to the spot all of a sudden I hears da sirens IT’S DA FUZZ so I break out to my homies crib but he just got raided and cops are everywhere but while I’m scopin out the scene I found him in the bushes. So now its me n’ HellDog on the run from the man we’ve been hidin out for about three days and acouple of chicken heads from the block is ridin with us the list of charges is gettin bigger by the day. We had to kidnap some baby’s (HellDog likes kids)and the chicken heads are going thru withdrawal from all the smack and the’ve crapped all over the Ford Fiesta so no more sleepin in the car. Which brings me to the point, you think we could stay at your fancy crib till the heat dies down. It would probably only be a couple of months. Thanks Dirty-G

Comment by Johnnyontherun — 8/13/2004 @ 1:18 pm
Typical blonde American bimbo trying to get by on her looks and acting (?) totally clueless..."Gee, he he he, like, you know, wouldn't you like to give me your hard-earned money just because I smile at you?" And people wonder why I don't do white women...
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:lol: This can't be for real.
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Hey.. I'll pay her way.. but she's gonna need to work a little harder than that.....

Hey... what happened to the 'hummer' emoticon?
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[font=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]Progress![/font]
$1.67 -- August 11th 2004 --- Thanks guys!!
$3.01-- August 12th 2004 (Noon) -- Closer....If you don't have any money to send there are other ways to help like promoting my site to your friends =)
UCLA Tuition $7,500 each semester. Getting closer!

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