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Panthers give Delhomme 5-year extension


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Is Delhomme really worth it? I like him but I'm not sold on him yet. I guess they didn't want to take a chance on him having another great year and not being able to sign him. Good for him... take the money when you can, nothing is for sure in the NFL anymore.

Panthers give Delhomme 5-year extension

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Jake Delhomme was rewarded for helping guide the Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl Thursday with a five-year contract extension Thursday worth $38 million.

Delhomme will get $12 million up front, including a signing bonus and option bonuses. Delhomme had one year remaining on his two-year contract.

Jake Delhomme signed a five-year contract extension worth $38 million.
Getty Images

Delhomme relieved Rodney Peete at halftime against Jacksonville in the first game of the season and led the team back from a 17-point deficit to win 24-23.

He started 19 straight games after that, leading the Panthers to playoff victories over Dallas, St. Louis and Philadelphia.

Then he threw for 323 yards and three touchdowns in a last-minute 32-29 loss to the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

In the regular season, Delhomme threw for 3,219 yards with 19 touchdowns and 16 interceptions.

"It's kind of a dream come true," Delhomme said after Thursday's practice. "When you're coming out of college undrafted, you're just trying to hang on by a thread. Luckily I did. It's funny how things work out."

The deal came on the final day of the team's three-week minicamp.

"Everybody in the league is trying identify their quarterback and when you identify that guy, getting him locked up for the future is paramount to your success," Panthers head coach John Fox said. "I'm glad it happened before we got away from here."

Delhomme was also relieved to get the deal done.

"I've been around guys who haven't performed their best with a contract lingering over their heads," Delhomme said. "Having that behind me, now it's just total football when training camp starts."

The Panthers also used the offseason to wrap up Delhomme's favorite target, receiver Steve Smith, with a six-year, $28 million contract.


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This could end up like Kurt Warner, I'm afraid. Couple of good years, big contract, and...of course, it might not also. The jury is always out on QBs with 1 good year getting big bucks or a high draft pick (see Bulger, Akili Smith in college, etc., etc.)
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hipster doofus
The numbers they put on these contracts are meaningless, and it's one of the most ridiculous aspects of the NFL. You can almost guarantee that he won't get halfway through that contract before he's cut or asked to restructure. Good for him though. He did a great job last year, and I hope it keeps up for him.
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  • Delhomme could end up being the starting QB for the Texans in their first ever playoff game next week. Third stringer Tyler Yates left today's game after getting sacked.
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