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The Most Power-Drunk
Just wondering if anyone here plays paintball on a regular basis. I played for the first "official" time last Saturday, and had a frickin' blast. One of my attorneys paid the bill, which made it even better. Now I'm hooked though, and wondered if anyone here plays on a regular basis? If so, where (if you're local), and can you give me an idea of how much this new addiction will cost me?
I don't but one of my customer's son is into it big time.

He has told me it is almost a profession with sponsors and tournaments. They win money and other prizes.

The kid should be out of high school now and from what I can tell this is his job for the future.

I still hunt a little and the paintball section is taking over the hunting section in most sporting good stores.
Man still has the desire to hunt and battle for his property.

And your attorney paid for it, hope he doesn't bill you.:)
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bucknola said:
And your attorney paid for it, hope he doesn't bill you.:)
Nah. I work for a large insurance company in the litigation department. All claims that proceed to litigation go through me to be assigned to defense counsel. As such, I tend to get bombarded by gifts from attorneys who either handle the cases or would like to. Usually I don't take the gifts, but anything that is directed towards my staff as a whole will be accepted. But this particular attorney is now on my shit list, because now I'm hooked on this damn sport, and I'm sure I'll end up dropping a shitload of money...:biggrin:
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