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Pimp Minister Sinister
Well, its finally over! For me, I equate that to a week long trip to the dentist. Of my most hated sports teams: scUM, the Red Sox, and the Mets, this was the one team I never had to worry about, but no more. My heartfelt congrats go out to Sears, Sushi, any, and every Red Sox fan on this board and across the country (excluding the show biz phony Boston fans: Affleck, Kearns-Goodwin, Stephen King, etc.). At the very least, those celebs will have to pick up another sorry case team, stop crying, stop whining, and get off my TV set.

As some of you may know, I am a bit of a baseball historian, so this is an event I never EVER thought would happen. In fact, I bought about 200 gallons of bottled water and canned foods in anticipation of the end of the world last night before the 9th Inning. Last night was a feeling of impending doom I've only felt once before in my life: December 31, 1999, in anticipation of Y2K (the lunar eclipse didn't help any, either).

Being that I've been a lifelong fan of the Yankees, I've followed and gone up against the Red Sox closely for the better part of two decades. I never thought I could hate a Red Sox team more than the Boggs-Clemens-Gedman-Evans-Greenwell-Hurst-Boddicker-Horn-Burks-Smith, etc. teams of the late 80's, early 90's that won the AL East in '86, '88, and '90, but this one takes the cake.

So, being a gracious loser, I tip my cap and raise my glass to the Red Sox. It was a great job, and you were BY FAR the best team in baseball in '04. However, once the parade is over, after the banner is raised, as soon as the ticker tape has been swept up and the afterglow has faded, the Empire will strike back!! Get out that checkbook, George, because there's a Nation of Yankee fans you just pissed off with some stupid, stupid acquisitions!!

P.S. Di, could your team at least put up a fight in the WS? Please!? And I thought we were pathetic in the ALCS!! As little faith as I have in National League teams, that took the cake! And that's saying something for me!