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Pagac says his comments were exhaggerated


Buckeye Fanatic
Pagac says ESPN exaggerated his comments
Ex-player says he didn’t support Clarett’s claims

Tim May

Former Ohio State linebacker Fred Pagac Jr. was shocked to see in a story this week on ESPN.com that his comments were portrayed as corroborating earlier allegations by Maurice Clarett of improper conduct by coaches and administrators at the university.

"Whoever wrote that kind of made it seem like we were trying to bring the program down, and the coaches down; I think the caption was we were supporting Clarett’s allegations," Pagac said yesterday. "That’s not true at all.

"I had no comment on summer jobs, and money, and cars, and all that kind of stuff. And (the reporter) asked me about tutors and I pretty much made a comment about tutors in general; students, people helping out other people to get stuff done."

Tutors aren’t affiliated with the school.

"I wasn’t trying to support any allegations about tutors helping out football players to get through school and all that kind of stuff," Pagac said.

Former receiver Drew Carter also talked with ESPN. The story indicated that he not only got illicit academic help but that he and fellow players would help other players "hook up" with the right people to aid them, too.

"I just wanted to clarify that no tutor ever did my work," said Carter, who is with the Carolina Panthers and is currently rehabilitating a knee injury. "I worked hard. I worked hard for everything, and I’ve always done that.

"I’m mad that even came out. I can’t speak for my teammates, but I know what I did."


Also, someone claiming to know Drew Carter says he is going to release a comment through Ohio State saying he didn't implicate the University and his quotes were taken out of context. Take if for what it is worth, but ESPN looks reallly shady in all of this.
Fred Pagac Jr is suppose to be on Wall to Wall Sports on WBNS Sunday night. He is to respond to the ESPN report. Should be interesting. I believe it will be another case of a player explaining what he really said.
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again once again ESPN is trying very very desperate to find someone to say something bad about our program. Gosh just learn that you've failed in trying to bring the program down and deal with it..... Go bring down USC or something they need it after like 21 straight wins.
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The thing is, you won't see this on National TV because ESPN, Fox, and CBS run all of it. They all supported ESPN and said OSU was "spin doctoring" but now it appears there is a great irony to that statement as it appears to be ESPN who is doing the spinning.

So while we all believe this, how will the rest of the country that gets their sports news from ESPN? We will still be in the negative eyes of the public becuase their is no way other than the AP that this report truly gets out. That TV show would get me excited, but I have never heard of it.
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I hate the man's show, cuz he's way too full of himself and does so much spinning in his no-spin zone, but would O'Reilly consider doing it?

I guess he's run by fox and fox is tied to espn, but I would wonder if he woudl consider runnign something like this.
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I sent the following to [email protected]. I also have posted it in several threads on Bucknuts as well as one other thread here in order to reach as many posters as possible. It just hit me, why didn't I just start yet another thread? DUH! Anyway, if we all do something, anything, maybe we would really make a difference! I know one thing for sure, if all we do is chat and gripe to each other, nothing will be done. I also need ESPiNs e-mail, Anyone?

You must not have any journalistic integrity. If you did then you would not have attacked TOSU, its staff, alumni, and its fans in the manner you have chosen. To print anything told to you without proper investigation or proper balance is not doing anyone justice. Then, to justify your slander you conduct one-sided interviews, ask misleading questions, and basically lie. You are not being true to your profession; then again I suppose you’re just a lemming. How do you expect people to "decide for themselves" when you paint such a blatant picture? I now know why it's called "spin control”, you eSPIN a story and leave everyone else to try and control it.

Do not underestimate TOSU, its alumni, staff or fans. We are many and we are very angry. We want retribution and we will have it. If ESPiN is unwilling to give fair and balanced news then maybe there will be another that will. For now we want you to resign or be fired (preferably fired as it is more appropriate for you). We will also be boycotting ESPiN and its magazine. Further, I truly hope that there is some legal action taken against you, ESPiN, and ESPiN the Ragazine.
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