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Packers Waive CB Derek Combs


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Packers Waive CB Derek Combs

posted 06/14/2004


The Green Bay Packers Monday waived cornerback Derek Combs, GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman announced.

Combs, 25, won a spot on the Packers' 2003 opening-day roster based on his special teams work. He played in eight regular-season games, primarily on special teams, and was inactive for the other eight contests and both playoff games.

He missed a pair of November games (at Tampa Bay and vs. San Francisco) after spraining his left ankle in a Sunday night victory at Minnesota (Nov. 2).

Overall in '03, Combs made six special-teams tackles, along with one stop from scrimmage. He recorded his lone tackle vs. Kansas City (Oct. 12) during his only 19 snaps from scrimmage on the year; he played in the second half with Mike McKenzie sidelined by back spasms.

Allocated to Amsterdam of NFL Europe this spring, Combs made 29 tackles (28 solo), forced a fumble and broke up six passes, including one interception. He also returned 18 kickoffs for 429 yards (23.8 average). Combs also played for Amsterdam in 2002.
Crouch was released a few weeks ago... he still couldn't cut it.

Packers Release S Eric Crouch

posted 06/02/2004

Eric Crouch

The Green Bay Packers Wednesday released safety Eric Crouch, GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman announced.

Crouch, 25, returned to the Packers' active roster as a safety March 23, when Green Bay reinstated him from the reserve/retired list. He originally joined the team as a quarterback on waivers, April 23, 2003, after the Rams waived him as a receiver. Then, just before 2003 training camp, Crouch opted to retire and went on reserve/retired, July 22.

Drafted by St. Louis in the third round of the '02 draft, Crouch won the 2001 Heisman Trophy as a quarterback at Nebraska. He played in one 2002 preseason game for the Rams, as a receiver and kick returner, then retired after a series of injuries, Sept. 12, 2002.
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