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Packers (ex-NW'ern) RB Tyrell Sutton (official thread)


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A bit over do, but oh well. I went to the Lake Catholic - Akron Hoban game specifically to see Sutton play, the hour and a hlaf drive was a bad idea though. Overall he was impressive, but much less impressive than Williams. He was dinged up the entire night, on his second carry he came out with a sprained ankle and later on in the night he sprained the other, so take this for what it's worth. He seemed a bit small, but had huge thighs. I'm not sure who I should compare his running style to, very ellusive, yet powerful runner. MLC had like 8-9 in the box all night so his 166 yards weren't impressivce sans his 60+ yard run, in the first (maybe second) quarter. He took the ball and ran over or made about 5 people miss on his way to the endzone, this was early so I was very impressed early on. After that the running yards were harder to come by and Hoban couldn't really pass to take pressure off of him sooo... He's a very talented back with good vision and a nice combonation of moves and power, but I need to see more of him to pass judgement.
Oh yeah that might help, I couldn't find a program, but he was around 5'8"ish I would say around maybe 190, although most weight was in his lower body. His upper body was pretty well built though.
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'05 Ohio RB Tyrell Sutton


This article is kinda old but I had not seen it previously. Sounds like a tough kid.

``You don't want to take a hit and cry and go home and have everyone laughing at you,'' Sutton said. ``If you have blood on you, wipe it off and keep on playing.''

Good enough size

It is ironic that Connie Sutton feared that Tyrell might get hurt playing varsity football as a freshman.

Nowadays, the 5-foot-9, 185-pound Sutton is delivering the punishment, one of the many improvements he made in 2003.

``Don't get me wrong, Tyrell runs hard,'' Orsini said. ``But he just put it in another gear and hit some defenders and actually hurt them this year. I've seen games where somebody would hit him and Tyrell is actually the person who delivered the blow.''

He rushed for 2,439 yards in 2002 and he broke Tony's single-season school rushing record.

``I expected to maintain the same numbers (in 2003), but I didn't expect to have like three 300-yard games,`` Sutton said.

His running abilities are now feared on Bloomfield, Grant, around Akron and, oh yes, across Ohio.
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everything I hear about Sutton is positive- even though he is small he sounds like he is a tough guy- and you can't beat the performance of 2500 yds in a season and 4.4 speed

i would assume Ringer and Sutton have the best chance of guys we are looking at in Ohio
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With a pair of consecutive 2,000 yard seasons and just under 6,200 career rushing yards already on his resume, Tyrell Sutton of Akron Hoban High School is already one of the most prolific running backs ever in Ohio going into his senior season.

"I'm getting into the track mode right now and I'm just trying to get back into everything," Sutton said. "I'm just trying to do everything I can for next football season."

Along with Javon Ringer of Dayton Chaminade-Julienne High School, Sutton is considered to be the cream of Ohio's running back crop for the 2004 campaign. But despite the gaudy career rushing statistics, the 5-9, 191 pound Sutton is not the recruiting magnet one might expect.

"I attended the junior day at Michigan; that was the only one that I could actually make," Sutton said. "I've been a big fan of Michigan since I was little, so I just thought it would be the right time to visit a school for junior day."

Sutton claims that his boyhood affinity toward Michigan will not effect the way he approaches his recruitment.

"As of right now, everything is still open to me and I'm taking everything step by step," he said. "No one is really ahead right now. I'm just trying to work things out right now and determine what offer is best for me. But Ohio State is up there just as high as Michigan is. Everyone is equal right now and no one is ahead of anybody. That junior day was just a time for me to go up there and see what everything is about."

So just who does Sutton root for when Ohio State and Michigan hook up every November?

"Either/or really," he said. "They're both great teams and I wouldn't mind playing for either one of them."

But as of yet, neither of the two have offered him a football scholarship. In fact the offers have been few and far between thus far along the process.

"It's not really hectic right now," Sutton said. "I got offered from Northwestern, a full athletic scholarship from there, and Akron and Kent State, but nothing is really too hectic right now. Me and the coaches are just kind of waiting to see what happens and see where we can take it from there."

Obviously the NW offer is a reflection of his academic prowess in addition to what Sutton has done on the gridiron. He hasn't taken the ACT or SAT yet, but he just recorded a 3.8 GPA in his last academic quarter, and he thinks his core GPA is somewhere in the 3.5 or 3.6 area.

"I'd consider Ohio State, Penn State, Notre Dame and Michigan, anywhere that I can fit right in and have a chance to play," Sutton said. "I'd just want to come in and show my talents and hopefully I'll get a chance to play. I'd like to play in the Big Ten."

If you think Fred Russell, for instance, the diminutive running back from Iowa, you're thinking Tyrell Sutton.

" Darren Sproles is a short guy too, and he showcased his talents, and he showed what short guys are all about," Sutton said. "Most people probably won't take a chance on me because of the quote/unquote prototypical size, but I think my other attributes make up for that."

Sutton has a low center of gravity and he trains his powerful legs aggressively.

"I try to lift my legs as much as I can because I know I don't have it height-wise," he said. "So I just put all of the more focus on my legs."

And those legs are a vital part of his success in his track season where he's a mainstay for Hoban in the hurdles and he's a member of the 4X100 relay team.

"Track is of high importance to me," Sutton said. "It helps me with my endurance, my speed, my quickness, my foot control and everything that helps me out in football."

Why the hurdles?

"I've been a hurdler since the seventh grade and I grew up watching my brother ( Tony Sutton) do the hurdles too," Sutton said. "So everything kind of plays off of my brother and what he's taught me."

Like his brother, who will be a senior at Wooster College next season, Sutton can kick in an extra gear on the gridiron when he needs to.

"If you look at some of my game films, I actually outran some of the people when it was necessary," he said. "I think speed is an attribute that's very important."

Other than having the prototypical height, Sutton possesses many of the important characteristics that most of the other big-time prep running backs have.

"I think I'm the kind of person that has every attribute out there," said Sutton, who will again run behind another top Hoban recruit, 6-8, 315 pound offensive tackle Shawn Glaser. "I have the vision, technique, speed, power, and I choose to use them all differently; it all depends on how the other team is."

From a statistical standpoint alone, Sutton, the future Ben Mauk of the running back position in Ohio - barring injury, is nearly a shoe-in to win the Mr. Football award next season.

"I think it's a pretty good thing that I have a chance to be recognized at the level that I am," Sutton said. "Obviously it helps get your name out there and it plays a big part in getting recognized for scholarship offers to college."

And Sutton plans on visiting a few of his top college campuses this summer.

"I'm pretty sure I'll be going back to Ohio State's camp and maybe Michigan's and Penn State's camps also," he said. "And maybe some other places like that too, just to try to get my name out there a little bit more."

Sutton has already attended a summer camp at Ohio State but doesn't believe that he's a priority of the Buckeyes at this time.

"They just got my cousin, Tony Pittman, so I'm happy for him about that," he said, "but I don't really know that they're pursuing me too much."

Does it disappoint him that his production as a durable three-year starter at Hoban hasn't yet caught the attention of the OSU brass?

"Somewhat, but not really," Sutton said. "But I don't like to base myself on just one particular school right now. I have one more season left, so I'll just see where it goes from there after my senior season."

But even Sutton himself can't explain the incredible success as a runner that he's already experienced through his junior campaign.

"It just means that I've been taking all of the right steps so far," he said. "I don't want to decrease anything I've done to this point; I just want to increase it. Everything that I've learned comes from my brother and my family and other running backs that I've watched. It's just a great experience to take so much from everybody and be successful because of it."

As a freshman Sutton rushed for 1,226 yards then added 2,439 more in his sophomore season. Last fall he recorded 2,532 yards and 33 touchdowns and he'll enter his senior campaign with 6,197 yards and 77 TDs in his career. Is he impressed with what he's done thus far?

"Oh yeah," he admitted. "You don't see too many running backs getting over 2,000 yards in two seasons. It is kind of mind-boggling."

And now Sutton has his sight set on being the most prolific prep running back to ever come out of Ohio.

"Personally I'm shooting for the Ohio (career) record," he said. "If I can (reach it) I'll do my best but first comes first, I would like to get a state championship for the school. Team first."

Sounds just like a Jim Tressel type of recruit.

"Ohio State is a great school and if they give me a chance I just might take it," he said. "I don't mind proving myself if I have to."
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Tyrell Sutton

Small but runs hard. Blessed with a HUGE offensive line to run behind!


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I find it hard to believe I had to go back 7 pages to find a thread on Sutton.
I saw both Sutton and Pittman play live last year. IMHO Sutton was a better back. He reminded me alot of Barry Sanders.

Does anyone know if he camped at OSU?
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