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I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Big game in the NFC today.... The Pack is looking good. Favre is on fire.... Green is back... the Oline is clicking again. If the defense can contain McNabb they will pull this one out.

Pack 31
Eagales 24
The Steelers beat the Eagles by pounding them with the running game and keeping McNabb and Owens off the field. Green and Davenport should be able to run all over them.(Can anyone watch Davenport play without thinking of him taking a dump in his ex-girlfriend's closet? :lol: )

Should be a great game. I'm sure the Pack will be looking for pay back after they gave away the playoff game last year.
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Can anyone watch Davenport play without thinking of him taking a dump in his ex-girlfriend's closet?

I have a habit of calling him "dumper". It started as a joke and last week I found myself yelling "run dumper!!" :lol:

The unsung hero of the running game is William henderson. He is the only fullback in the NFL that consistently hurdles cornerbacks when the try to tackle him in the flat... I love it!
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Also, keep in mind that Philly's two starting offensive guards are not playing today due to injury. If Grady Jackson can dominate the middle and create a pass rush, the Packers D might be able to take this game.

With the Eagles at -6.5, i may just have to toss a few bucks on the away team... :biggrin:
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stxbuck said:
Green should be back, but Davenport is out for the Pack.

Fisher will step up and be the #2 guy. He doesn't have the power that Davenport has but he can get the job done and get Green some rest on the sidelines. He runs the screen well and that's a play that the Packers love to run.
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The local halftime update went something like this...

"Now the game update... The Packers stink. They're awful. They're pathetic. Be glad this has to be a short update, because man, am I ticked."


I enjoy watching the Packers, but that was funny. I'm pretty glad I didn't watch the game at a restaurant after all. I expect to hear police sirens by the end of the fourth...
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