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2018 PA TE Zack Kuntz (Penn State Verbal)

Zach is impressed with Coach Meyer's track record as a HC & is looking forward to building a relationship with Coach Warriner. Plans on getting to Columbus in the summer. Penn State, Pitt, Notre Dame, tOSU, TTUN & UCLA currently stand out.
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Visited by Coach Johnson today.
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Conference breakdown: Five Big Ten battles for 2018 stars
The No. 1 tight end in the 2018 class has an offer list befitting that lofty ranking, and a pair of Big Ten schools stand out as two of the strongest contenders from that list. As the in-state program, Penn State is unsurprisingly one of those programs and the Nittany Lions made Kuntz a priority early in the 2018 class. The other Big Ten program is Ohio State, which offered in the spring and made an immediate impression on Kuntz. Most pundits see this as a three-team race, though, with Notre Dame being that third major contender. The Fighting Irish are off to a strong start in 2018 and could prove to be a major thorn in Big Ten schools’ sides this cycle.
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