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P A.J. Trapasso (Official Thread)


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Trapasso Arrested Again!

When is this crap going to end?

Trapasso again charged with underage drinking
Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Ken Gordon

A.J. Trapasso’s two arrests for underage drinking in less than four weeks has Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel worried about the freshman punter.

Trapasso was arrested and charged Monday by Perkins Township police near Sandusky, according to a Sandusky Municipal Court spokesman. Details of the incident were not immediately available from police.

Trapasso, 18, of Pickerington, was arrested April 25 and charged with underage drinking in Columbus.

"The thing that bothers me most is it is the same allegation," Tressel said. "That jumps out at me. What concerns me is it involves alcohol, and we have to attack it for (Trapasso’s) sake because that obviously is and can be a serious issue and problem."

Tressel said he was still in the process of gathering information about the incident and had not decided on any potential action or discipline.

Trapasso’s attorney, Steve Brown, entered a plea of not guilty to the April 25 charge and requested a jury trial. A pretrial hearing is set for June 7.

Brown said he expected Trapasso to pay a fine by mail for the Sandusky charge, and he did not think that charge would affect his Columbus case.

"If he’s up in Sandusky doing one thing, it doesn’t mean he did it down in Columbus," Brown said. "Each case stands on its facts, and our case doesn’t change."

Both charges are first-degree misdemeanors, which carry a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Trapasso graduated early from Pickerington Central and enrolled at OSU for spring quarter. He participated in spring practice and is expected to contend for the starting punter’s job.

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I don't (personally) have a problem with him partying a little after prom. I doubt there are many here who could say they didn't. I guess the thing is that there had to be something drawing attention to the party for anyone to get busted.

I had a room after prom, but just envited about 6 people (then threw them out when it was time to do the nasty :biggrin: ).

That said, Tress should hook him up with some councelling. Just to make sure this doesn't become any more of a problem than it already has. There are a lot of things that kids don't know that you learn there that will open some eyes.
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this kid needs a wake up call!

he doesnt need to stop drinking...he needs to stay low key
I dont think you have enough facts to say he doesnt need to stop drinking....its obvious this kid cant handle alcohol because this is his second arrest in 4 weeks!:shake:

Its my opinion that this is cause for concern and maybe, just maybe he needs some counseling at the very least, maybe he cant handle the sudden freedom of college and is having trouble adjusting to college life.

Coach needs to get a handle on this real quick.

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It does make OSU look bad, but again I could care less about this offense especially if it was after prom. Yes these kids should know better, but I didn't when I was his age. They will jsut have to learn that they are under the microscope now.
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