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Our 37 points Saturday...

Funny thing about this thread is that I was telling a friend the other day that this was the 2nd highest we have ever scored against the team up north. He asked in return what the highest points the they scored against us and i think it was 86 points back in the early 20's. Maybe Mili can dig that up somehow.
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For that young of a team without a RB and a young line I think 37 is a pretty good start. They easily had 47 points if the line was able to get some pressure down there on the goal line on those successive drives.

While the team thrived off of the crowd, one has to like our chances next year. I think UM will be more effective with either Henne or Hart if not both, but our rushing attack will almost surely be better. And if Shazor takes off with Jackson, I think Smith will light their young secondary up for major yardage
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horseshoe1 said:
Don't forget what would have happened if Woody had been able to go for three.
That would be a moot point, since Woody would have been ejected for breaking 1st-down markers, benching the starters, and having his 117th heart attack on the sideline after the team failed to score from the 1-yard line three times each on two different drives.

This of course presumes that Woody would have successfully recovered from his 116th heart attack after the team turned the ball over twice at the 6-yard line against Purdue the week before.
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MililaniBuckeye said:
What's almost as satisfying is the fact that Braylon "I hate losing to them" Edwards came back for his senior year only to suffer his third loss to the Buckeyes.

And he drops a crucial pass, at a crucial time, that he's probably caught a million times before. :slappy:
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DEBuckeye said:
In 1902, michigan beat us 86-0. Sadly, between 1900 and 1910, they shut us out 7 times, including a 0-0 tie.
If a Buckeye fan can take anything good away from Michigan's pre-WWI dominance under Fielding Yost, it is knowing that the 1905 Wolverines went 12-0, outscored their opponents 495-0 (41-0 PPG/AVG), then proceeded to lose the conference championship to Chicago by the score of 0-2. :)
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