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OU/A&M Game Thread brought to you by SBC


an imbecility, a stupidity without name
For some reason ESPN GamePlan is staying with Georgia/Kentucker instead of switching to OU/Texas A&M. Georgia is winning 41-17 and there is still 8 minutes left.


Oh, and the Oklahoma game started ten minutes ago
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BuckeyeBill73 said:
Why's a USC fan care about Oklahoma?

Actually, A&M just got a first down outside the Okie 40.
maybe because hes a college football fan and thats the best game going on right now?

i wanted to watch too. some of you guys need to stop looking at the USC in his logo and cut him some slack.

until he starts talking about how great USC is, then roast his as :wink:
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C'mon, I'm just joshing 'thomps, and I think he knows that.

Obviously fans of the #1 team care about #2.
I gave an update on the game because I care, too.

Now 7-0, A&M up.

And how can you look at the USC in his logo, instead of the one on the bikini?
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Wisky's now up 21-0 on Minny.

I hope it continues so they switch ABC to the OKlahoma game in Chicago. But since they're idiots, it won't happen unless it gets to about 56-0.
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Peterson is hurt and it looks kinda serious. He was favoring his shoulder as he was walking off the field with the trainers. Not good for the Sooners.

Edit: He's back on the field.
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Saw31 said:
Jason White needs to start sucking. Can't have another 2-time Heisman winner. :biggrin:
actually we want white to do better so him and peterson split votes. if peterson wins this year theres no way he wont win AT LEAST another one. i dont think white has a chance to win it this year, but he can take votes away from peterson.

then we would have to call him adrian powlus :biggrin:
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