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tBBC OSUWG: OSUWG surges into 2nd Place at Lady Buckeye Spring Invitational


OSUWG: OSUWG surges into 2nd Place at Lady Buckeye Spring Invitational
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


(Team photo and tournament information courtesy of Ohio State Athletic Department.)

(Event scoring and statistics courtesy of GolfStat.com)

The OSUWG team has reason to smile after their final round.

This week the Ohio State Women’s Golf (OSUWG) team hosted the Lady Buckeye Spring Invitational at the OSU Golf Club’s Scarlet Course. The course was set up at 6,319 yards long and played to a par of 72.

This is a three round (54 hole) event with a format of ‘play six count four’, where a school fields 6 players, and the low 4 scores for each round are counted. Teams can also have a golfer participate as an Individual. The first two rounds will be played on Saturday and the final round is Sunday. The field consisted of 12 teams, below:

#30 Augusta, Illinois, Indiana, Indianapolis, Iowa, #14 Kent State, Maryland, # 42 Michigan State, #43 Ohio State, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Toledo. Four of Golfstat’s Top-50 teams on the course, so the Buckeyes couldn’t fall asleep on these teams.

The six players participating for the Buckeye team portion were: Jaclyn Lee, Katja Pogacar, Niki Schroeder, Jessica Porvasnik, Rio Watanabe and Zoe-Beth Brake. Lina Aguillon participated as an Individual.


Ohio State, again, rode a strong 3rd round to move into a 2nd place finish. The first two rounds were “OK, not bad” scoring, and the final round was brutally efficient.

The Buckeyes again showed some golfing “yin and yang” with every team player contributing to the team score this week. Jessica and Rio were steady throughout the 3 rounds. The same with Katja. Niki had two solid rounds, then had the wheels fall off her 3rd round. Zoe-Beth couldn’t find her game the first two rounds, then played very well her third round. Jaclyn did not have a good first round, then played well her final two rounds. That’s the attraction of team golf; you need to see how all three rounds play out.

Ohio State had two Top 10 scorers this week; Jessica Porvasnik (8th place) and Rio Watanabe (8th). Congratulations on a well played weekend of golf.

Below is the Buckeye round by round scoring:

Lady Buckeye Invitational
Par 72 Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total
Team 295 296 292 883
Jaclyn Lee 81 74 72 227
Katja Pogacar 74 75 76 225
Niki Schroeder 75 74 79 228
Jessica Porvasnik 72 73 73 218
Rio Watanabe 74 75 72 221
Zoe-Beth Brake 83 79 75 237
Lina Aguillon (I) 77 78 80 235

1st Round

In typical team golf (play 5/count 4) there is a little bit of wiggle room for the team score. In this event’s format (play 6/count 4), teams are afforded a bit more wiggle room, and the Buckeyes needed every bit of it. They shot a team score of 295 (+7) placing them in 2nd position. The Buckeyes were led by Jessica Porvasnik 72 (E), Katja Pogacar and Rio Watanabe with 74’s (+2) and Niki Schroeder 75 (+3). Jaclyn Lee shot an 81 (+9) and Zoe-Beth Brake an 83 (+11). In Individual play, Lina Aguillon shot a solid round of 77 (+5) .

Jessica was the first Buckeye on the Golf Stat score sheet when she opened with a birdie on her first hole. When you take only 3 strokes, it doesn’t take long to record your score.

Katja had 1 birdie/2 bogeys /6 pars on each of her nines. It’s hard to get into trouble when your game is under control like that.

Rio opened with three straight bogeys (uh-oh), then played the next 15 holes in -1. She took control of her round.

Niki led the Buckeyes with 3 birdies, but a double bogey on #5 dampened the round a bit. Still, +3 was pretty good…

Jaclyn had a rough round. After a little over two hours of play, a triple and a double bogey effectively knocked her out of team scoring.

Zoe-Beth had an interesting first 90 minutes. After 6 holes, she had yet to record a par and pretty much shot her way out out team scoring. One of those days. (I’ve had rounds where I’ve started triple-double, and at that point you just want to get through the round without spraining an ankle or losing a club head cover.)

Lina bogeyed 4 of her first 7 holes, then settled in to shoot 10 straight pars. That’s an impressive stabilization.

The seven Buckeyes put together a first round comprised of 11 birdies, 81 pars, 29 bogeys, 4 double bogeys and 1 triple bogey.

I think this was a great “pressure” round by the Buckeyes. Basically, by midway through the round, two of their team mates had effectively shot them selves out of team score. The other four Buckeyes stayed the course and were in the thick of it. Now, on to the 2nd round…

2nd Round

In the afternoon round, the Buckeyes shot a team score of 296 (+8) which slid them down a spot to 3rd place. Leader Kent State was comfortably in first place, but Ohio State had a good chance to overtake second place Indiana. The Buckeyes were led by Jessica Porvasnik 73 (+1), Jaclyn Lee 74 (+2) and Niki Schroeder 74 (+2). Katja Pogacar and Rio Watanabe shot 74’5 (+3) Zoe-Beth Brake a 79 (+7). In Individual play, Lina Aguillon shot a 78 (+6).

Jessica started very strongly, birdieing the par-5 6th and 14th holes to sit at -2 through 12 holes. Three late round bogeys slowed her down, but her 73 had Jessica solidly in 4th place overall in a field of 73 competitors.

Katja stumbled with double bogey on the par-5 6th hole, but closed with -2 in her last seven holes.

Rio opened had a sprinkling of bogeys (5), but she led Ohio State with her 4 birdies.

Niki had a handful of bogeys, but an eagle on the par-5 12th hole fueled her 74 and a one stroke improvement over her first round.

Jaclyn rebounded from her first round with 3 birdies enroute to her 74.

Zoe-Beth started this round much better and as +4 after 10 holes, but back to back double bogeys on #14 and #15 hurt. However, she did collect herself to finish her final 6 holes in -1 (2 birdies).

Lina just couldn’t get untracked in her round. She started with 3 pars, then 3 bogeys, then strung together 6 consecutive pars. And so it went…

The Buckeyes scored 1 eagle 16 birdies, 17 bogeys, 59 pars and only 2 double bogeys. This was a clean round for the Buckeyes.

Not a bad 2nd round. The Buckeyes have a shot at moving into 2nd place. Onward…

3rd Round

Ohio State had the best round of the day, a 292 (+4) which moved them into a tie for 2nd place with Indiana. They overcame Indiana’s 5 stroke lead, and for the 2nd consecutive tournament shot a sizzling +4. The Buckeyes had solid scores throughout the team scorecard. The Buckeyes were led by Jaclyn Lee and Rio Watanabe with 72’s (E) and Jessica Porvasnik’s 73 (+1). Zoe-Beth Brake rounded out the team score with 75 (+3). Katja Pogacar shot a 76 (+4) and Niki Schroeder a 79 (+7) to complete the team play scoring. In Individual play, Lina Aguillon shot an 80 (+8).

Jessica’s 3 birdies tied for the team lead (with Rio) on her was to a 3 birdie/4 bogey round.

Katja had 1 birdie, but sprinkled in a handful of birdies. She didn’t get the birdies to drop like she did in her 2nd round.

Rio led OSU this round with 4 birdies, but a double bogey on #10 was her speed bump for the round.

Niki double bogeyed her second hole, and despite 2 birdies, just couldn’t get her game on track for the round.

Jaclyn in contrast to a rough 2nd round, Jaclyn was in total control on Sunday. She was -1 through 9 holes and 1 birdie/2 bogeys on the back side put her at even par for the day.

Zoe-Beth played off her strong 2nd round finish to post her 75. Although a double bogey on # 13 slowed things down, she punctuated her round with a birdie on the 18th hole to cap off a solid round.

Lina began her round on hole #10 and had a rough first nine holes. However she righted her game for a back nine of +3 to end the day on a positive note.

The third round play was comprised of 15 birdies, 42 pars, 29 bogeys, 3 double bogeys and 1 triple bogey.


In my recap of their previous event, the Silverado Shootout, I commented that:

… Ohio State shot their best round during their final round, so they are getting used to being “closers”. This is turning into a very dangerous team.

The Buckeyes made up 5 strokes on Indiana to catch them for T-2nd place; only 4 strokes out of first place. With post-season play next, a word of caution to Ohio State opponents: if the Buckeyes are within a few strokes of you entering the final round… they will hunt you down.

Sifting through the chaff, here is a “what happened” snap-shot. They played the par 3’s extraordinarily well, scoring an average of 3.08 strokes per hole, a total of +5 to par, ranking them 1st of the 12 teams. They played the par 4’s well, to an average of 4.25 per hole, +38 to par, ranking them 4th. They played the par 5’s extremely well, to an average of 4.93, -4 to par, ranking them 1st. They were the only team to average sub-par on the par 5’s.

In terms of team play “to par” scoring, Ohio State recorded 166 pars, ranking them 2nd. They recorded 35 birdies (for the 2nd consecutive event), placing them 3rd. Two eagles were recorded during the event and one was by Niki Schroeder on the par 5 12th hole during the 2nd round.

Up Next

The team heads to Indianapolis for the Big Ten Championships on April 22nd-24th. The post-season is upon us, now it gets serious.

Go Buckeyes!

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