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tBBC OSUWG: Late April Update


OSUWG: Late April Update
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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Yes, there is some football related stuff going on this week, but it’s been a pretty eventful (in a good way) week for Ohio State women’s golf. Information gleaned from Ohio State Women’s Golf site.

NCAA Regionals

The Buckeyes are (again) headed to the NCAA Regionals. This will be the 23rd time in Coach Hession’s 25 years as head coach. (I’d say that’s consistent success.) They will head west to the Stanford Regionals, to be played May 5-7. The top six teams advance to the NCAA tournament.

You can bet that I’ll have coverage of the Regionals. Please check back.

All-Big Ten Selections

Well, they done done it, again. By “they”, I mean juniors Katja Pogacar and Jessica Porvasnik. By “it”, I mean they have earned All-Conference recognition.

For the third time in as many seasons, Ohio State junior classmates Katja Pogacar and Jessica Porvasnik have picked up All-Big Ten recognition. In 2016, both Buckeyes are members of the All-Big Ten First Team, the second such distinction for each. Pogacar makes the First Team for the second straight year after placement on the Second Team as a freshman in 2015. Porvasnik, meanwhile, began her career as a ‘14 All-B1G First Teamer and has returned to the top classification after receiving Second Team honors in 2015.

Katja is averaging 73.06 strokes per round, Jessica is averaging 73.45 strokes. Depending how the courses they played on in their last seven rounds are sloped/rated, I’d guess that Katja and Jessica are carrying a handicap index of close to scratch, maybe even a ‘plus’ handicap. That’s very good.

Congratulations to Katja and Jessica.

New Recruit

Additionally, there is the great news that the team has a top-notch recruit committed to be on campus for the 2016-2017 season, Alex Wright.

“We are thrilled to add Alex to our team for the Class is 2016,” Hession said. “She is a solid player and a great young lady. Coach (Lisa) Strom and I look forward to continue helping Alex develop her game and grow as a person. Welcome to Buckeye Nation.”

Here’s the scoop on young Alex; this is a pretty impressive CV. The Buckeyes will field an experienced mix of accomplished seniors next season (Zoe-Beth Brake, Katja Pogacar, Jessica Porvasnik), a junior (Rio Watanabe) and tested sophomores (Jaclyn Lee, Niki Schroeder). This is a nice situation for young Miss Wright to step into.

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