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tBBC OSUWG: Buckeyes in Top 15 after 2nd Round


OSUWG: Buckeyes in Top 15 after 2nd Round
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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(Team photo and tournament information courtesy of Ohio State Athletic Department, the NCAA and GolfChannel.com. Event scoring and statistics courtesy of GolfStat.com)

The Buckeyes had a solid 1st round of 293 (+5) that had them within the Top Ten. They need, first, to make the top 15 after the 3rd round so they can be in a position to qualify for the Elite Eight and advance to championship match play. After their first round, so far, so good…

2nd Round

The Buckeyes shot another steady team score of 293 (+5) , but they fell into 14th place after 36 holes. They are three strokes in front of the 16th place team (Georgia) and five strokes out of 8th place (Northwestern). The Buckeyes had this round very much under control until the 18th hole. Through 17 holes, Ohio State’s team score was +1 on the day, a very good round that had them placed within the Top Ten.

Then, things went to hell in a hand-basket for them on their final hole. Rio’s closing birdie wasn’t enough to offset 2 bogeys, a double bogey and a triple bogey: the team lost 4 strokes to par, dropping them to 14th. All their previous good work on the day was undone on one hole; it happens…

The Buckeyes were led by another sub-par round by Rio Watanabe 68 (-4). The rest of the team scoring consisted of Jessica Porvasnik 74 (+2), Katja Pogacar 75 (+3) and Niki Schroeder 76 (+4). Jaclyn Lee’s 77 (+5) rounded out Ohio State scoring for the round.

As a side note, Rio’s round was her third consecutive sub-par round in NCAA ply (Regionals and Championships). Her two day scoring (-6) places her tied for 4th place in overall scoring (132 golfers) after 36 holes.

They Buckeyes began their rounds on the front nine, beginning with hole #1. The front nine is par of 37, the back nine has par of 35.

Rio continued her stellar post-season play by recording 5 birdies on her round. Her 3 birdies on the front side got OSU off to a fast start and her birdies on #17 and #18 may have saved their bacon in team standings.

Katja had a great front nine (2 birdies/7 pars) but lost her mojo with 5 bogeys on the back nine. Still, a 75 was a good score.

Niki had a solid start, shooting a +1, 38. She did have a nice stretch of 6 consecutive pars in her back nine 38 (+3).

Jaclyn was even par on her front side (2 birdies/2 bogeys) and was cruising along at +2 for the round until a triple bogey 7 on the 18th hole, which knocked her out of the team scoring. Ugh.

Jessica was rolling along (2 birdies/2 bogeys) at even par through 17 holes. Then a hiccup with a double bogey on #18.

Buckeye scoring, below:

NCAA Championship Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 3 Total
Team 293 293 0 0 586
Katja Pogacar 73 75 0 0 148
Jessica Porvasnik 77 74 0 0 151
Rio Watanabe 70 68 0 0 138
Jaclyn Lee 75 77 0 0 152
Niki Schroeder 75 76 0 0 151

Through two rounds, Ohio State played the par 3’s fairly well, averaging a 3.03, +1 to par, ranking them T-5th. They played the par 4’s “sort of OK”, to an average of 4,20, +20 to par, ranking them T-16th. They played the par 5’s decently well, to an average of 4.98, -1 to par, ranking them T-17th. In the 2nd round, they played the par-3’s one stroke worse, the par-4’s exactly the same and the par-5’s one stroke better. That is amazingly consistent golf.

The Buckeyes put together a round of 12 birdies, 57 pars, 17 bogeys, 1 double bogey and one triple bogey (ugh)..

Next up, Round 3.

Go Buckeyes!

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