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tBBC OSUWG: Buckeyes 3rd @ Gator Invitational


OSUWG: Buckeyes 3rd @ Gator Invitational
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


The OSUWG team has reason to smile.

This week the Ohio State Women’s Golf (OSUWG) team teed it up for the Gator Invitational tournament held at Mark Bostick Golf Course in Gainesville, FL. This is a three round (54 hole) event where the format is ‘play five count four’, where a school fields 5 players, and the low 4 scores for each round are counted. Each school may have a player play as an ‘individual’.

Participating schools are: FIU, #8 Florida, #18 Florida State, Kansas, #9 Kent State, #29 North Carolina State, #44 Ohio State, Ole Miss, #31 Oregon, #34 SMU, UCF, USF, UTSA. Aside from the fact the the 13 team field is loaded with Florida schools, there are seven Golfstat Top-50 teams participating. This is a decently strong field.

The course is 6,002 yards long and plays to a par 70.

The five players participating in the team portion for the Buckeyes were: Jaclyn Lee, Jessica Porvasnik, Niki Schroeder, Katja Pogacar, and Zoe-Beth Brake. Lina Aguillon competed as the Individual. This lineup change didn’t surprise me. Rio Watanabe has struggled somewhat in her last two outings. Maybe she needed a week off to “recharge”. Maybe Lina had a good week in practice. Maybe both.


Ohio State finished in 3rd place on Sunday, thanks to a well-balanced team effort in the final round. This was a well managed, all hands aboard team effort, particularly the (relatively) mistake-free 3rd round. For the 3rd round, Coaches Hession/Strom could have picked the players names out of a hat, the team scoring was so competitive. That’s a nice situation.

Ohio State placed two golfers (Katja Pogacar and Jaclyn Lee) in the Top 10. Katja’s 3-round score of 213 placed her in 2nd place in the overall scoring while Jaclyn’s 217 placed her in T-10th. Congratulations to both players.

Below is the Buckeye round by round scoring:

Par 70 Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total
Team 289 292 295 876
Jaclyn Lee 72 72 73 217
Jessica Porvasnik 71 73 76 220
Niki Schroeder 77 77 74 228
Katja Pogacar 69 70 74 213
Zoe-Beth Brake 80 81 74 235
Lina Aguillon (I) 76 80 78 234

1st Round

The Buckeyes opened play with a team score of 289 (+9), placing them in 2nd position. The Buckeyes were led by Katja Pogacar 69 (-1), and Jessica Porvasnik 71 (+1) and Jaclyn Lee 72 (+2). Niki Schroeder contributed to the team score with a 77 (+7). Zoe-Beth Brake couldn’t overcome a slew of double bogeys ans shot an 80 (+10). In the Individual category, Lina Aguillon tooled around the course in a respectable 76 (+6).

Jaclyn began her round on the 4th hole strung together 8 consecutive pars before birdieing the par 5 12th hole. She interspersed 3 bogeys with 3 pars over the next 6 holes, then finished strong with 3 consecutive pars. “Par” can be your friend and he accommodated Jaclyn with 14 of them.

Jessica began her round on the 5th hole and played her first eight holes in -2 (6 pars, 2 birdies) to get off to a very nice start. She did incur 3 bogeys/7 pars to finish her round.

Niki began her round on the 6th hole with a par, then suffered a triple-bogey 8 on the 522 yard par 5 7th. Other than 3 subsequent bogeys, Niki recovered nicely by carding a total of 13 par.

Katja also began her round on the 6th hole and absolutely rolled through the course. Her only blemish was a bogey on the 320 yrd, par 4 17th. Two birdies, one bogey and fifteen pars is a superb scorecard.

Zoe-Beth began her round on the 7th hole with a double bogey. Although she did score a birdie on the 345-yd par 4 14th, double bogeys at #13, #18 and #6 really undid her round.

Lina began her round on the 15th hole with an opening bogey, parred the next 6 holes, then parred 7 of the next 11 holes. Her only error was a double-bogey on the 475-yard par 5 12th. This is Lina’s first match of the Spring season; I thought that she played well, being in control of 17 of her 18 holes.

As you might also expect from the first round, the team score was comprised of some bogeys (14), a good many pars (65) and a sprinkling of birdies (6) and, unfortunately, a few “others” (5).

That took care of a pretty good first round for the Buckeyes. It may not have been their best round of golf, but that’s OK; you just have to be better than everyone else for that round. Now, on to the afternoon round…

2nd Round

In the opening day’s afternoon round, the Buckeyes, with almost every other team, floundered. They shot a team score of 292 (+12) that dropped them from 2nd place to a T4 place. The Buckeyes were led by Katja Pogacar 71 (+1), Jaclyn Lee’s 72 (+2) and Jessica Porvasnik 73 (+3). Niki Schroeder’s 77 (+7) also contributed to the team score. Zoe Beth Brake shot an 81 (+11). In individual competition, Lina Aguillon shot an 80 (+10).

For the afternoon round, the players had the same pairings and the same starting holes as the 1st round.

Jaclyn had a solid round with 3 birdies/4 bogeys in her round.

Jessica started slowly with bogeys on her first four holes, birdied #10 & #11, then played the final 11 holes in +1. After a slow start a very good finish.

Niki couldn’t get any traction, bogeying 6 of her first 13 holes. However, helped by 2 birdies in her last 5 holes, she closed that stretch in 1 over par. A lot of color on her card.

Katja stood at +2 after 13 holes, then birdied #3 and #4 to pull her round to even par for her round.

Zoe-Beth had an interesting round. She double bogeyed the par-3 8th hole (her 2nd hole of the round) then birdied #9 and #10. Her next 9 hole were played in +3 (not a bad stretch) then things went sideways. On the par-3 2nd hole, she carded an 8. It happens. She finished the round with two additional pars. More on that in the “Thoughts” section..

Lina was mixing pars and bogeys, but double bogeys on #6 and #15 stalled her round. Fortunately, she birdied the par-4 9th to stabilize the round a bit.

As you might guess, the team score was comprised of quite a few bogeys (27), a good many pars (47), several of birdies (13), 2 double bogeys and a quintuple bogey.

The only team that played well was host school, University of Florida, with a 279 (-1). All other teams were over par, some well over par. Maybe the Gators knew where the pin placements would be (just kidding). Ending the day with a 10 stroke lead, barring a team disqualification or an epic collapse, Florida had this tournament won. Ohio State (+21) was one of 6 teams clustered in the 19-22 over par range. The game was afoot for 2nd place.

A good morning round, a not-so-good afternoon round. So ends the first day.

3rd Round

Ohio State had an interesting 3rd round of 298 (+18) that moved then from T-4th place to 3rd place. The Buckeyes were led by Jaclyn Lee 73 (+3). Katja Pogacar, Niki Schroeder and Zoe-Beth Brake each shot 74 (+4). Jessica Porvasnik shot a 76 (+6). Lina Aguillon shot a 78 (+8) in Individual play. No one went ‘low’, but no one played their way out of team contributions.

The 3rd round had stretches of streaks:

Jaclyn was -1 after her first five holes, then bogeyed for of the next five holes.

Jessica was +4 after her first 6 holes, then played her next 12 holes in +2 par.

Niki was +3 after her first 4 holes, then played her next 10 holes in even par.

Katja was at +3 after her first three holes, then played the next 15 holes in +1 par.

Zoe-Beth had a nice bounce-back round. an interesting round. After struggling in her first two rounds, Zoe-Beth birdied 3 of her first 5 holes to get the team jump started. Unfortunately, she ended her round with triple bogey, but her early scoring kept the Buckeyes afloat.

Lina had an 8 hole stretch where she was +10; she recovered nicely with a nine hole stretch where she was +2.

The third round team score was comprised of a few birdies (9), a good many pars (55), a several bogeys (23), two double bogeys and a triple bogey.


This tournament featured two well-played opening rounds that kept the Buckeyes in a good position for a final day run. The team overcame some early 3rd round struggles and absolutely rolled through the course on the back nine to make their move from 4th place to 2nd place.

Sifting through the chaff, here is a “what happened” snap-shot. They played the par 3’s very so-so, scoring an average of 3.31 strokes per hole, a total of +23 to par; ranking them 7th of the 13 schools. They played the par 4’s very well, to an average of 4.22 per hole, +33 to par, ranking them 2nd. However, the par 5’s were again so-so. They played the par 5’s to an average of 5.16, +7 to par, ranking them middle of the pack 7th. For consecutive tournaments, they’ve played the par-4’s really well and the par-5’s not well.

In terms of team play “to par” scoring, Ohio State recorded 167 pars, ranking them 5th. They recorded 28 birdies, placing them 3rd. This is consecutive tournaments where the Buckeyes have played quite well in terms of recording pars and very well in birdie scoring. This is a bit odd with the large number of birdies they score compared to the mediocre-poor scoring on par-5’s. Their iron games and putting must be operating at a very high level.

Zoe-Beth had an interesting tournament. In the 2nd round, she was playing well (+4) through her first 13 holes until she scored an 8 on a par-3. I’ve had a couple holes like that; it’s not a good feeling. After fumbling away a hole like that, all you can do as you walk off the green is wonder. “How the hell did that just happen?” Fortunately, in the final round, Zoe-Beth birdied 3 of her first 5 holes to jump start the Buckeyes as her team mates tried to get traction. That is a great bounce-back round. Well done.

Up Next

The team next tees it up March 18th-19th in Tuscon, AZ for the MountainView Collegiate. Ohio State is defending champion. I love title defenses, especially when it’s Ohio State doing it.

Go Buckeyes!

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