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tBBC OSUWBB: Buckeyes Earn a 3 Seed in NCAA Tournament


OSUWBB: Buckeyes Earn a 3 Seed in NCAA Tournament
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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A day after the Ohio State men’s basketball team received the bad news that they would not be in the NCAA tournament, the OSU women’s team waited anxiously to hear their tournament fate. While they knew that they would be dancing, a rough end of the season that saw them lose three of their last four games raised a lot of questions about where they would be seeded. It took until the third region was announced for the Buckeyes to find out that they would the number 3 seed in the Sioux Falls region (above image courtesy of OSU athletics).

Unlike the men’s tournament, the women’s tournament doesn’t use predetermined sites for the first two rounds; instead, the top four seeds in each region host. Thus, as a number three seed Ohio State will host the first weekend of games in St. John Arena. The Buckeyes will begin their tournament at 2:30 pm on Friday against 14th seed Buffalo. The other Friday game in Columbus will see 6 seed West Virginia against 11 seed Princeton in a game set to tip at noon. The winners of the two games will face off on Sunday.

The number two seed in the Sioux Fall region is Arizona State who present a tough potential Sweet 16 matchup. Perhaps the best news of the night for Ohio State though was that they ended up with South Carolina as the number 1 seed in their region as opposed to Connecticut. The Buckeyes lost to the Gamecocks in the season opener but only by eight points in a game played in Columbia, South Carolina. While the road to the Final Four will be hard, it isn’t impossible and if OSU can regain their midseason form, they have chance to surprise a lot of people who wrote them off after how the season ended.

We’ll have a more complete preview of Ohio State in the NCAA women’s basketball tournament later in the week.

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