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tBBC OSUWBB: Ameryst Alston Selected in WNBA Draft


OSUWBB: Ameryst Alston Selected in WNBA Draft
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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While it doesn’t get the same amount of hype and attention as the NFL draft, the WNBA draft is still a big deal for senior women’s basketball players each year as they wait to see if they hear their name called, allowing them to continue to play the game they loved. Yesterday was the 2016 draft and Ohio State senior Ameryst Alston was one of those eagerly waiting to hear her name called. While she had to wait a bit, her patience paid off as she heard her name called as the last pick in the second round, 24th overall, as she was selected by the New York Liberty (above image courtesy of Ohio State athletics).

The New York Liberty won the East Division last year and made it to the semifinals of the playoffs before falling to Indiana two games to one in a best of three series. The Liberty are coached by Bill Laimbeer who has won 3 WNBA titles and been named WNBA coach of the year twice; Laimbeer is also famous for having been an All-Star with the Detroit Pistons whose jersey was retired in the Motor City. Alston will not be the only Buckeye in New York as OSU legend Katie Smith is an assistant coach for the Liberty.

New York features a solid front court with center Tina Charles and forward Swin Cash but are weaker in the backcourt with Epiphanny Prince, former Rutgers star, the only guard averaging double figures in scoring and one of only two guards averaging more than 20 minutes per game on the court. This suggests that there will be plenty of opportunity for Alston to see playing time and make an ipact and the solid Liberty front court should mean that opposing defense focus on her less than they did at Ohio State.

Alston is the 12th Buckeye to be drafted into the WNBA and the first since Tayler Hill in 2013. Hill currently plays for the Washington Mystics where she has emerged as a consistent outside threat. The other Buckeye currently playing in the WNBA is OSU great Jantel Lavender who was an All-Star with Los Angeles Sparks last season.

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