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tBBC OSUMG: Kelly Earns Medalist Honors, Advances to NCAA Championships


OSUMG: Kelly Earns Medalist Honors, Advances to NCAA Championships
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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(Image and tournament courtesy Ohio State Athletics web site. Tournament information and statistics courtesy of Marquette University and OSU athletics web sites. Event statistics and scoring courtesy of Golfstat)

Cliff Notes, Round 2

Tee-k’s round of 70 (-2) into 2nd place overall, but more importantly (at this point) the clear leader of golfers qualifying to advance to the NCAA Championships. His 5 birdie/3 bogey round moved Tee-k 4 strokes clear of the field of (again, at this point) potential qualifiers. Tee-k doesn’t need to do anything spectacular to move on to the Regionals. Just play steady, mistake-free (nothing higher than a bogey, and very few of those) and add a couple birdies.

Will played 17 solid holes of golf, until he ran into trouble on his 17th hole of the day. He has a couple things working against him for qualifying. First, he has around a dozen or so golfers that are in front of him. Next he has to make up at least 4 strokes on all of them. The odds that all the players in front of him have bad rounds while he has a great round aren’t good. I guess it’s possible, but… At this point, all the Will can do is tee it up and see what happens.

Round 3:

Ohio State’s Tee-k Kelly saved his best for last, shooting a 3-under par 69 to earn medalist honors and a tip to Eugene, OR for the NCAA Championships. His 5 birdie / 2 bogey round capped a three day event where Tee-k finished 1 stroke in front of Florida’s Alejandro Tosti . Tee-k was an impressive -3, 35 on his first nine holes, then settled in to shoot even par on his back nine holes.

Team mate Will Grimmer shot a round of +1, 73 to place T-35th in the event.

The five qualifying schools for the NCAA Championships are: Illinois, Florida, Arkansas, Florida State and Baylor. Illinois had a spectacular round of -7 to move them into 1st place. Baylor had a team round of -14 (unbelievably good) to slip them past Idaho into the final qualifying position. Congratulations to those teams.


Teeing off on hole #10, Tee-k birdied his 2nd hole, strung together 4 pars, then birdied two of his last three holes to close with a front nine score of -3, 33. I believe at this point, I texted fellow tBBC’er Joe Dexter and stated the only way Kelly doesn’t qualify is if he signs an incorrect score card to DQ. Kelly birdied two of his first four holes on his back nine, then closed with 2 bogeys for his even par 36. After 17 holes, there was no way he wasn’t going to qualify; it was just a matter of playing for medalist honors. He locked those up with a smooth par on the strong 462-yard par-4 9th hole.

Tee-k birdied the par-5 11th hole twice and the played the par-4 9th hole twice. Although he didn’t play the par 3’s with distinction, averaging 3.25 stokes, +3 to par, he was exceptional in par-4 and par-5 scoring. He averaged 4.58 strokes on the par-5’s, -5 to par, placing him 16th in that category. His par-4 scoring of 3.83 per hole, -5 to par, led the field in that category.

The other significant story is that Tee-k has kept the ball in play. In 54 holes, he has only 7 bogeys, but had 14 birdies, the balance being pars. Not scoring worse than bogey is key to keeping your chances alive to advance. And, so he did.


Will, also beginning on hole #10, was even par through eight holes, then stumbled with a double bogey on the 458 yard par-4 9th hole to shot a +2, 38 on his front nine. His back nine was very well played with eight pars and a birdie on the 565 yard par-5 4th hole.

Frankly, this was a good learning experience for the freshman. He had an opportunity to compete with high level talent in a “must win” setting. Although he tied for 35th place, he should take solace that he played three rounds of good golf. He had two holes get away from him; the par-3 8th on Tuesday and the par-4 18th on Wednesday. He lost 6 strokes to par on those holes. On two of his three rounds, he parred those holes. If he could have parred them all three days, he would have tied for 5th place. Will made only 6 bogeys, one less than Tee-k. This was a good experience for Will. He and the OSUMG team will benefit from it next season.

Next up for Tee-k; the NCAA Championships in Eugene, OR from May 27 – June 1.

Go Buckeyes!

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