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tBBC OSUMBB: OSU Gets Past PSU 79-75 In B1G Tourney


OSUMBB: OSU Gets Past PSU 79-75 In B1G Tourney
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


Ohio State (19-12, 11-7) teed it up in the 1st/2nd round of the Big Ten Tourney against Penn State (16-15, 7-11). The winner plays Michigan State on Friday evening. It’s not much of an incentive, but a win does get Ohio State to the “20 Win Land”. And that they did!

The Buckeyes rode clutch free throw shooting down the stretch (6-8 in the last minute of play) and four players in double figures to defeat the Nittany Lions 79-75. Ohio State was lead by JaQuan Lyle’s double-double of 22 points and 10 rebounds.

Thad had an interesting lineup combination for stretches when he went with with his “short” shooting lineup; Thompson, Mitchell, Lyle, Harris and Williams. It didn’t seem to hurt them and in fact gives a “quick” option to Thad should he choose to go with a smaller lineup.

Ohio State was led by Marc Loving (24 pts, 4 reb, 2 blks), Lyle (22, 10, 5 asst), Kieta Bates-Diop (14, 6 reb) and Trevor Thompson (10, 6 reb). Kam Williams came off the bench to score 5 points. Mickey Mitchell had only 4 points but pulled in 6 rebounds.

As a team, they shot 43% (24-55) from the field, 35% (5-14) from 3-pt range and 67% (26-39) from the foul line. They had 41 rebounds (15 offensive), 12 turnovers and 9 assists.

Penn State was led by seniors Darnell Valentine’s double-double (27 pts, 13 asst, 4 reb), Matt Costello’s double-double (15 pts, 11 reb) and Bryn Forbes (14 points).

They shot 44% (26-59) from the field, 41% (9-22) from 3-pt range and 67% (14-21) from the foul line. They had 33 rebounds (10 offensive), 11 turnovers and 10 assists.

1st Half

Ohio State started out well enough, taking a 2-0 lead (2 FT’s by Kieta Bates-Diop) at the 19:32 mark. This lasted 8 seconds as PSU’s Brandon Taylor responded with a 3-pt shot.Both teams banged around a bit, and at the mid-point of the half, Ohio State lead 18-17.

However, over the next 4 minutes, the Nittany Lions went on a 11- 2 run to take a 28-20 lead at the 6:18 mark. A razor thin lead had turned into a double-digit deficit in short order. At the under-4 mark, Penn State moved the lead to 10 point, 35-25. This game was starting to get way from the Buckeyes.

However, over the next four minutes, the Buckeyes went on a 9-2 run to cut the deficit to 3 points at halftime, 37-34. March Loving lead this surge with 5 points.

2nd Half

Ohio State’s prospects improved early in the 2nd half. The Buckeyes chipped away at the Nittany Lion lead until a Marc Loving 3-pt shot gave OSU the lead at the 18:11 mark. Kieta Bates-Diop stretched OSU’s lead to 48-39 with a 3-pt’er at the 16:36 mark. This capped an Ohio State 14-0 run. Over the next 6 minutes, 2 free throws by Donovan Jack capped a mini-surge to pull PSU to within four points, 56-52, at the 10:05 mark.

Ohio State couldn’t pull away because of sequences like this: at the 5:23 mark Trevor Thompson had a point-blank shot, and rather than dunking it, he tried to lay it in. He missed. Ten seconds later he committed a foul on Shep Garner, who made his two free throws. Within a quarter of a minute, there was a four point swing in PSU’s favor.

Kam Williams responded with a 3-pt FG to move OSU’s lead to 66-62, but a 5-0 run over the next minute gave PSU a 67-66 lead at the 4:12 mark.

Consecutive free throws by Marc Loving and in a tremendous exhibit of body control, JaQuan Lyle drove down the right lane for a layup to give the Buckeye a 71-67 lead at the 2:46 mark. At the 1:48 mark, a start-stop-start layup by Lyle moved OSU’s lead to 73-67.

Holding a 73-68 lead, Marc Loving drew a foul on Jordan Dickerson (his 5th), then made the two free throws to extend OSU’s lead to 75-70.


Next up: #2 seed Michigan State. Top-off is scheduled for 6:30 PM ET and will be broadcast on BTN. You can listen to the game on 97.1.

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