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tBBC OSUMBB: Andre Wesson is Buckeye


OSUMBB: Andre Wesson is Buckeye
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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(Image courtesy Columbus Dispatch)

In a bit more of good news for the Ohio State men’s basketball program, Thad received a Letter of Intent Wednesday from local (Westerville (OH) South) player Andre Wesson. Below is Dan Wallenberg’s (OSU Athletics Communication) announcement:

COLUMBUS, Ohio-Andre Wesson, a 6-6, 190-pound forward from Westerville (Ohio) South High School, signed a National Letter of Intent to play for the Buckeyes Wednesday. Wesson will begin his Ohio State career in the fall of this year.

Andre is the son of Keith Wesson, who lettered with Ohio State in men’s basketball from 1983-87. Keith started 42 of 115 games during his career, missing most of the 1984-85 season with a knee injury. He averaged three points and two rebounds for the Buckeyes.

“We are excited Andre continued the Wesson legacy with Ohio State basketball,” Thad Matta, head coach of the Buckeyes, said. “Andre brings several elements to our program with his abilities to score, handle the ball, shoot from 3-point range and play defense. But one of the things I like most about him is his desire play for the Buckeyes and add to what his father accomplished in an Ohio State uniform.”

I like this for a couple reasons. First, Thad has stayed close to home by recruiting/signing not only an Ohioan, but a Columbus lad. Frankly, I think the “local” players are good “gets” because I feel they have more emotional investment into Ohio State. The ‘non-locals’ that left the program this season (Giddens/Mitchell/Grandstaff) are probably good kids, but I don’t think they are as invested in Ohio State as native Ohioans, nor certainly those from Columbus. The other plus is the “legacy” angle. His father played for the Buckeyes, so I think there will certainly be a “do my father/family” proud motivation from Wesson the Younger.

Our friend, Adam Jardy of The Columbus Dispatch offers a perspective.

He is the third member of Ohio State’s 2016 recruiting class, joining fellow Ohioans Derek Funderburk (Lakewood) and Micah Potter (Mentor). Wesson said the coaches have told him that he could play anywhere aside from point guard and center. Westerville South coach Ed Calo said Wesson’s defensive capabilities should immediately translate to the next level.

The nice thing about a 6’6″ player is they can bring a versatility to play several positions. This will give Thad and his staff some flexibility to do line up “mix-n-match” depending on game/opponent situation. Andre brings a Sam Thompson-like physique to Columbus, which may be a bit smallish, but being lithe didn’t seem to hurt Sam too much. I guess we’ll see how that develops during his time with the Buckeyes.

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