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tBBC OSU Women’s Volleyball Takes 3 in Muncie, In


OSU Women’s Volleyball Takes 3 in Muncie, In
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(Photo courtesy www.ohiostatebuckeyes.com)

The Ohio State University women’s volleyball team (10-2), 19th in the nation polished off a trifecta in Muncie by taking the Ball State Active Ankle Challenge over the weekend with a powerful performance which wrapped up the 2016 non-conference schedule by downing the host BSU Cardinals in straight sets (25-20, 25-12, 25-14).

Valeria León dug 3.78 balls per set in three OSU sweeps to claim Tournament MVP honors. Teammates Audra Appold and Taylor Sandbothe joined her on the all-tournament team. Seniors León and Sandbothe have earned all-tourney honors in three of four weekends this season, each named MVP once.

The Buckeyes ended this current road trip with an attacking .452 ratio against Ball State. This was set into motion with Appold’s .500 hitting percentage on a dozen kills. Taylor Hughes averaged 12 assists per set, connecting with Sandbothe for a match-high 15 kills. Ohio State’s defensive front put forth eight blocks, including five stuffs from Madison Smeathers.

Four Buckeye blocks came in the second stanza. Smeathers participated in each of them. The blocking clinic was displayed by 15 kills, 14 digs and two service aces – formulating a 25-17 OSU winner. The first 20 points were equal before the Buckeyes rode into complete dominance and took 15 of the next 22 rallies for the triumph.

The Big Ten season begins Sept. 23-24 when the Buckeyes travel to Wisconsin and Minnesota. Let’s prepare for another fun and successful season. Go Buckeyes.

See you there.

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