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tBBC OSU women’s tennis advancing to NCAA Quarterfinals


OSU women’s tennis advancing to NCAA Quarterfinals
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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The Ohio State Women’s Tennis Team, fourth seeded in the NCAA Tournament, will advance into the quarterfinals – with their victory over 17th ranked Georgia Tech in the Round of 16, 4-2. The Buckeyes are now 31-2 this season and are on a 16-game winning streak. They will meet up with 12th ranked Oklahoma State scheduled for 5 p.m. E.T. Saturday in Tulsa.

The Buckeyes against the Yellow Jackets won the doubles point – taking a 1-0 lead. Junior Sandy Niehaus won on Court number six. The Yellow Jackets won the next two matches to bolster their 2-2 team score. Buckeyes freshmen sensation Francesca Di Lorenzo put the Buckeyes ahead with a victory on Court number one. Gabriella De Santis and Niehaus won as well, helping in the scoring for the victory. Miho Kowase came from behind, a 4-1 deficit, winning three games to claim her match – and a Buckeye’s win.

In singles, Niehaus put Ohio State up 2-0, downing her opponent 6-2 & 6-2, on court six. She is undefeated – 12-0 – in dual matches this spring. #3 Francesca Di Lorenzo held on in her match to claim a win – 6-4, 6-3. Di Lorenzo has a team-best 35 overall and 26 dual match singles victories this year and is on a 14-match winning streak.

Buckeyes Head Coach Melissa Schaub: “It was a long day, a long day for both teams and every team involved, but that is what our team is about. Our team will come out and fight every single day and give it our best shot, and that is what we did today. For two and three doubles to get up 4-0 quickly means a lot to get that momentum under your belt. I couldn’t be more proud.”

On moving onto the Quarterfinals: “At this point in the tournament it isn’t about forehand and backhand, but about competing and fighting and willing to step up in the big moment. That is what we’ll try to preach on Saturday and hopefully for a few more matches. We competed hard. We knew it was going to be a fight and that is what we got. We know it is late, but we know we have a job to do and every match will be tough, but we’ll get ready for Saturday.”

Be around this Saturday (05/21) – check out your local listings & cheer on our Buckeyes to advance onto the Final Four. It’s going to happen.

See you there!
Go Buckeyes!!

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