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OSU trustees give Holbrook pay raise


Recovering Arcade Junkie
I'm sure everyone will be thrilled to read this. I'm guessing this is to thank her for constantly raising tuition and the angry librarian attitude she brings to the school.


OSU trustees give Holbrook pay raise
University president’s annual salary now $352,000, plus bonus, after 3.5% increase
Saturday, November 06, 2004
Kathy Lynn Gray

Without comment, the Ohio State University Board of Trustees yesterday voted to increase President Karen A. Holbrook’s salary to $352,000, a 3.5 percent raise.

After the meeting, Board President Tami Longaberger said, "The board continues to be very supportive of the president and appreciates the work she does at Ohio State."

The vote followed an hourlong private session of the trustees, who discussed the raise and an undisclosed legal matter.

Holbrook said she was "thrilled and gratified" by her new salary.

It is about $4,000 less than the $15,000 raise she received after her first year as president ended in 2003. That amounted to a 4.6 percent raise.

Holbrook is in the third year of a five-year contract that began with a salary of $325,000. The contract includes a house, a housekeeper, two cars, a driver and $100,000 a year in deferred compensation.

She also receives yearly bonuses of one-fourth her base pay for meeting goals and for exemplary performance. Last year, that amounted to $85,000.

With the bonus, she will be paid $437,000 this year. Yesterday’s pay increase was retroactive to July 1.

Longaberger said no changes were made in Holbrook’s contract except the salary increase.

Among Holbrook’s cabinet, only one person has a higher salary: Dr. Fred Sanfilippo, senior vice president and executive dean for health sciences. He makes $670,000 a year.

Among the benchmark universities that OSU compares itself to, the average presidential salary for the 2003-04 year was $341,000.

Since she came to OSU from her job as provost of the University of Georgia, Holbrook has overseen plans to build a new student union and proceeded with plans to improve academic achievements for each freshman class. She has said her main goal is to improve OSU’s reputation as a research institution.

She also has cracked down on alcohol consumption before Ohio State football games and rioting after the games.

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KillerNut said:
How do you become a trustee, and how can we get rid of them?
The Governor appoints all trustees to public universities and community colleges. At OSU they are appointed for a nine-year term. Generally, in their last year, being the senior member of the board, they become the chairperson. I have no idea as to how you get rid of them before the end of their term.
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Well, they've actually finised a few construction projects, so the campus no longer looks like Kosovo like it did the last 2 years I was there, so I guess they're figurin' she fixed it up real pretty now that we done got rid of those dengenerites and all, heyuh :roll1:
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