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OSU tickets to the rich


Buckeye Beach Bum
Now you know why us poor fans have problems getting tickets. I belong to the Alumni Club and got my tickets switched from the Wisc game to the Marshall game becasuse too many people requested tickets. I lost in the Alumni lottery to get tickets for the NCst game but they took my donation.
The Alumni club takes your money and than screws you over. I'm cancelling my Alumni membership and buying tickets to away games over on the opponents site.

From the USA Today:
Ohio State Stadium has two club-seating areas, totaling about 2,600 seats, that require annual donations. Area between 35-yard lines requires a $3,000 annual contribution for each seat, and area between 25- and 35-yard lines on both sides of midfield requires a $2,500 annual contribution for each seat. All other seats are awarded based on priority-points system that heavily counts giving history.
That is a kick in the nuts...I usually inform the students who call me once a month (on my cell phone) to ask for donations that I believe I have given enough money with the Alumni Assoc and through purchasing licensed products. In all honesty, I wasn't too pleased with the adminstrative side of OSU. Too many stories of being a number...
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Not just rich

It is a bad situation and there are not many answers. You have an alumni association of 300,000+ (600,000 potential tickets), 50,000 + students, staff and professors of say 30,000 + and then family of students. That adds up to somewhere around 750,000 before you even begin to talk about non alumni fans. There are 105,000 tickets per game x 6 games- do the math.

I am not rich by a long, long shot. It is a matter or priorities. I pay my $55 for the alumni association and make a contribution (in excess of $1,000 per year) to be a member of the Buckeye Club. My daughter is in the marching band and we make a contribution to the Script Ohio Club. All of this qualifies me for 2 tickets in the end zone that I get to buy for $57 each.

We cut out a vacation every year to pay for this extravagence- it is a matter of choice. Sure there are some rich corporations buying those 50 yard line seats and rich boxes. But there are thousands more like me who make a decision out of our ordinary daily bread money to qualify to be at the stadium on Saturday afternoon. I am certain that the athletic office would love to hear some creative ideas on how to solve the problem. Personally I think they should not have gutted B deck for the boxes- they lost a lot of seats when they did that. By the way we live in Atlanta, Georgia- its 1,200 miles round trip and worth every minute of the drive.
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What is posted above makes sense, but I don't know as that I agree changes should be made. The money that is donated allows tOSU to have one of the best athletic programs in the country. Not football alone, but the entire department. Arguments can be made either way, but the fact remains that the rich usually get what they want, because they can afford it. If changes were made, I don't know that it would actually accomplish anything, except probably piss off the loyal fans who just happen to be financially comfortable. As it is now, anyone can still buy a ticket, even as late as 5 minutes before kick-off. But again, you have to be financially comfortable to do so. At least through the alumni club and other organizations, you donate money to help the university, then are able to buy a ticket at face value. The other option, of course, is to pay 3 times the face value, and simply line some scalper's pocket - instead of donating the money to a great program.
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Supply and demand. Why lower your price when the demand is already too high, as evidenced by there being absolutely zero public sales this year. If you don't buy the tickets, someone else will. Trust me, there are plenty of faculty/staff that were denied tickets this year that would love to buy them, as would the public.

Take your $55/year alumni membership and apply it to a pair of tickets on eBay or through a scalper. You'll pay the same, probably get better seats, and choose your game.
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The alumni association allows alot more than just the right to buy a pair of tickets to a home game (which they are letting you do for the Marshal game)... I'd be upset about getting bumped out of the Wisky game for the Marshal game as well, however you still have the right to purchase a pair of tickets (a lot more than some others on this board have).

If you want season tickets, join the Buckeye Club or the Presidents Club... you could join both and get four season tickets if you want.

There are folks with money in these organizations... there are also avg. joe's in the organization as well, that make it a priority to join these organizations of the University to make sure they get their season tickets (more than likely these folks give up a family vacation for the right to go to all the home games)...

I guess where I'm getting is if OSU home games are a priority, you can get access to that by joining the fund raising arm's of the University... the alumni association isn't all about tickets (there are a dozen other bene's to the alumni association)... also the alumni association football tickets are random (I think by last name) as to what game you get, one of these days you'll "hit the lotto" and score some scUM tickets :)

Go Bucks... the season is almost here!!!
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