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Wolverine is largest member of weasel family
Here are some results from OSU's Pro Day.

Will Smith ran two 40's of 4.58 and 4.62. Vertical of 38' and put up 30 reps of 225.

Gamble only ran 4.50 in both of his 40's

Darrion Scott averaged a 4.75 in his 40's

Michael Jenkins low 40 time was a 4.42


Supposedly Dustin Fox ran a 4.37 before the workouts. That kid just flies. I would love to see some races between Dustin and Ted Ginn next fall.
i find it hard to believe that i was as fast as gamble.....i ran a 4.55 in college......and i stole 24 bases......

i heard earlier today that he ran a 4.37........

time will tell....
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Gamble will go in the first round. There is too much intrigue in his ability. People will also look at his "game speed" more than his time today. Look at William Green with the Browns. Everyone was afraid of his speed, but the Browns realized he had enough speed when playing. He has had a couple of nice, long runs in the NFL.
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"i heard earlier today that he ran a 4.37........"

That was Fox, not Gamble. Quotes from the article:

"There were well over 100 scouts and coaches on hand to watch these players run on a very fast indoor surface."


"Game (sic) ran his 40s in 4.50 seconds twice."

Not very impressive for running on a "very fast indoor surface".
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"Game speed" is something that's really hard to judge and almost impossible to quantify. If he's relying on “game speed” to get him drafted in the 1st round, then he has to hope one of the coaches becomes enamored with him for some other attributes too. I think the 4.5 is a serious blow to his 1st round chances but didn’t eliminate it.
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Game speed is difficult to judge, especially for a defensive player. It is easier for someone like a William Green. His workout times were in the 4.6 range and yet the Browns took him. Regardless of the off-field problems, he had a great 64 yard run a couple of years ago when his speed surprised everyone on the field.

I think coaches will look at his overall performance, his ability to play some offense and special teams, and most of all, his pure athletic talent. Someone will fixate on him that he is worth a roll of the dice. Many of the mock NFL drafts have the Jets selecting Gamble, but that could change if they pick up a John Lynch.
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Pentagon officials are more forthcoming with information than those in attendance at Ohio State’s NFL Pro-Timing Day yesterday in the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.

Coaches, scouts and general managers who witnessed the battery of physical and mental tests (the event was closed to the public and media) were as tight-lipped as a Buckingham Palace guard.

"It was a typical Ohio State workout, very organized and the athletes were as good as advertised," Baltimore Ravens quarterbacks and receivers coach David Shaw said.

So what was wideout Michael Jenkins’ time in the 40-yard dash?

"You’re not going to get that from me," Shaw said smugly. "I didn’t even bring a stopwatch."

This much was confirmed: 21 draft-eligible Buckeyes were put through a number of drills, including vertical and broad jumps, the 40-yard dash, shuttle run and 225-pound bench press. They also did interviews with potential suitors for the NFL draft, which begins April 24.

"They have 10 to 12 guys who will probably get drafted within round four and up," Kansas City Chiefs general manager Carl Peterson said.

Officials were loathe to talk about specific players, but defensive end Will Smith, cornerback Bobby Britton and Jenkins were said to have had outstanding workouts.

"Will Smith ran very well," Jacksonville Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio said. "We had him in the (4.58 to 4.46) range, which is a good 40 time for a defensive lineman. And he had 30 reps on the bench, so he had a very good workout."

Smith, who is expected to be drafted in the first round with cornerback Chris Gamble and possibly Jenkins, also impressed Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil.

"I thought Will Smith ran well," Vermeil said. "In fact, all their defensive linemen ran well for their position and size. And (Adrien) Clarke, the big offensive tackle, moved well for a great-big guy."

Clarke said he ran a 5.32 in the 40, .15 of a second faster than he recorded at the NFL combine in Indianapolis three weeks ago, but only one number seemed to matter to him.

"The one number you all should put down is I weighed in at 324," said Clarke, who weighed as much as 380 during his career.

Not all the players were as pleased with their performances. Gamble, who could be the first cornerback selected, did a respectable 16 reps of 225 pounds but wasn’t thrilled with his 40 time.

"I ran a low 4.5, but I know I can do much better," said Gamble, adding Jacksonville, Cleveland, Cincinnati and the New York Jets have shown the most interest.

Of course, there was great interest in Maurice Clarett, even though the running back was in attendance but did not participate.

Maintaining the disorder of the day, Clarett spoke briefly with reporters, stating he "doesn’t have a date yet," for an expected private workout for NFL officials. Clarett said at the NFL combine that he would work out at OSU the first week of April.

Those who did flex their muscles yesterday are glad it’s over.

"I know most of the guys, myself included, are happy to have everything we can control done with," tight end Ben Hartsock said. "We joked that it’s almost like finals being over, but it’s a little bit more significant at this point."
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"Will Smith ran very well," Jacksonville Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio said. "We had him in the (4.58 to 4.46) range, which is a good 40 time for a defensive lineman.

Well, talk about an understatement. That would be a "good" time for a linebacker. 4.58 to 4.46 for a 270 pound DE is absolutely sick. :yow2:
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Will Smith could be the next Bruce Smith - both are / were a bit undersized for a DE, but had incredible speed and quickness, and have / had enough strength to bull rush a guy or knife inside to stop the run. It looks like Will confirmed his top 10 position.
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