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The Most Power-Drunk
tibor75 said:
Which team has won more outright big ten titles since 1990? :lol:
Yet another (lame) attempt to stir the pot. I guess that shouldn't shock me so much - although I'm surprised Tibs can operate his computer, considering most of his countrymen still rely on burning camel shit for heat. :sneaky:
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Owner of the Tressel Jacket
iambrutus said:
the "O" might not be a 35+ scoring team every week, but it doesnt' need to be, so yes, what he said was the truth, but you do NOT say something like that when you are a double digit underdog. thats just dumb, if we were an underdog to UM, you wouldn't see Hawk saying that they are mediocre

You have to remember, JT is our coach. They have Randy "hit 'em in the balls" Walker as their coach.
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You're getting awfully PC lately, Nutty, and you don't have much of a sense of humor. Maybe you need to load some more smiley emoticons to the site, so we can let you know when we're being facetious.

GPA is a meaningless stat anyway, Drummerboy. Ever hear of grade inflation? So actually you should be springing to the defense of high SAT-scoring Northwestern football players, since you've decided to take on the caped crusader role on this board.

How about I amend my statement, "Engaging in a war of words with a really really high IQ Northwestern defensive lineman is like dueling with an unarmed man". That make you feel better?

Now that I know we're taking ourselves so seriously on this board, I'll be sure to pay closer attention to the spelling, punctuation and syntax of your posts -- just to make sure you don't drag down the Buckeye Planet grading curve.

Lighten up, Nutster. This is football we're talking about here, not world peace.
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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
Staff member
Listen MegaDick, I wasn't serious at all, just pointing out the obvious. You read way too much into what I said apparently because you're still sore that I called you out for being a dick about Adam Myers-White. You were wrong and I let you know about it. You don't like it? Too fuckin' bad. Don't act stupid and I can go back to not even knowing you exist, Dickster.

If saying that bashing a 17 year old recruit is wrong is being PC then I confess, I am. After reading some of the posts on that thread and some of the PM's I've received I'm not the only PC poster on here.
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Been Smooth Since Days Of Underoos
the_shoe said:
sometime its best to let a sleeping giant lye, and keep your mouth shut!!!
Agreed. Not that what the kid said was totally inaccurate, it's just that nothing good ever comes out of a statement like that. Hopefully he eats his words Saturday night after a Buckeye offensive explosion. I can dream, right? :wink2:
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