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Well rounded effort

I thought it was a well rounded effort by the Bucks today. How about those penelties? 1? Maybe 2? The only tough thing to contend with is the kick coverage but you have to hand it to the boys from MSU, they answered the bell after a sustained drive by the offense. I did say offense right?
"I did say offense right?"

You sure did. :)

I was just going to make a post about our offense. They got, what, 400+ yards and nearly 200 on the ground (those late game run calls to run out the clock didn't help the stats). If Krenzel didn't miss wide open receivers for TDs on the first two drives, MSU is never in it and we blow them out. With the way our WRs were getting open, maybe McMullen could've come in earlier. But, the offense looked good overall nonetheless and we got a solid win against a top-20 team.
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Offense goes over 400 yards. Defense holds to 5 yards rushing. Krenzel with more TDs than INTs and spreading the ball around well. Special teams solid (except for the kick return lapse). I'd say it was a well-rounded effort.

But, most astonishing of all, the Bucks won comfortably!!!
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For creating a site where people are celebrating a 33-23 thumping, yes I said thumping of MSU. The Buckeye O looked as good as any today. If Lydell and the line keep improving like this they just might have a shot at the NC. I guess we'll have to see about that. As far as the D playing a tad soft, I think that was the correct thing to do. The run was contained, so the only real threat (IMHO) was Smoker's ability to make big plays. The stategy worked so I ain't gonna bitch. I'm so psyched. I haven't been so confident with the bucks since Washington. Bring on Purdue, bring on scUM, bring on the Sooners!!!!!
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Agreed. Great game..... it was not as close a s the scores says. I was really impressed with the Brandon Joe and the tight ends today. I'm glad we got them more involved. Good things happen when the running game is going.
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Joe was outstanding today. I don't know if it means he is 100% or they just ignored him, but he was stellar. The line was hitting their blocks, Lydell was seeing better, Craig seemed more like the CK of last year, the D did not miss tackles (except for one that I saw), special teams was their usual studly self (minus the kick return) and the crowd was into it.

The team is doing the typical Coach Tressel peak at the right time. Perfect momentum for the two biggest games of the year.
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I think you can credit the crowd (partially) for the lack of calls going against OSU. I've NEVER heard the stadium get on the officials like today. The first call where they flagged the MSU player for hitting CK on the way out of bounds ... and then waived off the flag. Then the late pass interferrence call that when against us. It looked like a pretty good play from my vantage point. Anyway the crowd really rode that officiating crew the rest of the way. Generally I don't think that kind of stuff has much impact, but today I really think it did.

CK with over 200 yards on 12 completions? Huh? Several other catchable balls (not easy but on the hands or on the numbers) were dropped.

I'm really proud of Lydell and the line for sticking with it after a rough first half. Man, I wish they would start every drive with the purpose and determination they showed on the opening drive of the second half.

Another big win over a top 20 team ... keep rolling along Buckeyes!
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The team looked sharp (except for the special teams TD)... Having a FB made all the difference...

Anybody else notice Mo Hall didn't play a snap... is he hurt, in the dog house, etc.??

Oh, and thanks again C-Dog...
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Actually gbear, I think Mo Hall was in for at least one play. I recall seeing him for MSU's final kickoff (onside attempt). I don't know if he has any injury problem (other than the knees he's been dealing with all year), but I'm almost positive he was in on the "hands team" as one of the two deep men.
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And only one penalty all day (zero on offense). That's a sign that the team is peaking mentally as well as physically.

BTW, any of you guys who tape the games, check the interference call on Gamble. It was a close call, but Gamble did arrive a tad early. But I thought the ball might have been tipped at the line of scrimmage (if so, I think it was Hawk). Was it?
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He very well could have been in on Special Teams... I didn't pay too much attention on our personel with kick returns... I don't recall seeing him in the RB position though... usually he comes in to give Lydell a breather... just wondered if he was hurt, in the dog house, or if the staff just kept Lydell in due to him getting the job done...
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