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42-29 Osu

We are tough at home. IMO we might place second in the conference this year. We may be looking at a 23+ win season

Boy we can drain the threes baby ...foster from downtown

halftime 47-32 Buckeyes...nothing like whoopin up on the #15 team in the country
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OSU has 7 players with 4 or more points!!!! Thats great ball distribution...great gameplan by Matta.

Coastal & Bucknuts44820

I think it's awesome that we are not gonna see post season this year and we have many fans coming on here showing some buckeye spitrit. I think it shows alot to see fans like you guys coming on here when it would be easy to just write this season off...you guys are true buckeye fans.

there are several other that are regulars on the basketball threads...Dihard, Mili & others...110% buckeyes...great fans.
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