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Pairwise Rankings????

Can some one please explain to me how these pairwise rankings are created. With only 12 teams qualifing for the NCAA tourney, OSU is looking like they have to win the conference tourney to gain a spot. From what I understand, It has to do with strength of schedule, opponents winnning percentage, and rank. If OSU is ranked 8th nationally, how can they be tied for 13 in the pairwise ranking? THey tied no. 1 Colorado College; split with no. 4 or 5 Michigan; swept no. 15(I think) Northern Michigan; and split with UNO(ranked 13???). Now, I know we lost to Ferris State and Western Michigan, but the CCHA must be considered one of the worst conference for OSU not to get an at large big into the NCAA tourney. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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I couldn't tell you how the pairwise rankings work, but OSU controls it's own destiny. Just keep winning and everything will take care of itself. You'd find it hard to believe the NCAA's would leave out a team with as many wins as OSU though.
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NCAA Tournament

The NCAA tournament takes 16 teams not 12. They take the conference tournament champion from each of the six college hockey conferences along with 10 at large bids. 4 of the 6 conferences will have their tournament champion in the top 16 of the RPI which means there will be only 12 teams selected by the NCAA committee. I don't think you'll have to win the CCHA tournament to make the tournament but to be sure you DO have to atleast make it to the CCHA championship game. What is really hurting you is that your cluster consists of Miami, Ferris State, and Western Michigan who were all sub .500 teams. That means that 11 of your conference wins actually lowered your RPI rating which goes into the pairwise rankings. If you would have played one or two more ranked teams in the non-conference this wouldn't be an issue but I do think you'll be alright. I'll be pulling for you to make it to the CCHA finals because the CCHA would look terrible if we only land 1 tournament team.
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I am no hockey bracketologist major, but with UMASS-Lowell (#13 computer) losing tonight and Maine (#14 computer) tying tonight, I have to believe OSU sneaks into the NCAA with an at-large berth. If OSU gets two against Ferris St. in the opening round of the CCHA tournament at Value City Arena, I have to believe OSU definitely gets at least an at-large berth.
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I'm not nearly...

You should be safe now as long as you knock off your first round CCHA opponent with a two game sweep. Northern Michigan actually has snuck into contention as well so we could wind up with 3 CCHA teams. If the tournament started today Michigan would be a No. 1 seed, Ohio State would be a No. 3 seed, and NMU would be a No. 4 seed I think.
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