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OSU did not want to back out of this game vs NCSU

jimotis4heisman said:
no open dates till 2016? does anyone know the teams that will be the non conference sched the next few years???????????
05- Texas
06- N. Illinois, @ Texas
08- USC
09-@ USC
10- @ Syracuse
Miami, Fl.
11-@Miami, Fl.
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bucknut11: Thanks...I was going off the future schedule over on Bustnuts.

ShakerBuck said:
i also remember hearing about a home and home with virginia tech in the distant future

Actually, we have a home/away series in 2014/2015 (home in 2014 and away in 2015).

For anyone who thinks we're dodging playing big-time opponents on the road, here's our projected schedule against some of today's top-flight programs:

Texas (home/away : 2004/2005)
Southern Cal (away/home : 2008/2009)
Miami, Fl (home/away : 2010/2011)
California (home/away : 2011/2012)
Virginia Tech (home/away : 2014/2015)

We also have delayed (not played in consecutive years) series with several other programs:

Syracuse (home/away : 2007/2010)
Cincinnati (home/away : 2012/2014)

Lastly, we have road games at Washington State and Washington to balance out the home game they recently played against us in 2002 and 2003:

Washington (2007)
Washington State (2009)
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Actually, the game "@Wash St" in 2009 is not in Pullman. It will be in Seattle at the Seahawks fine looking stadium! This is good for us Seattle area Bucks! 2007/2009 I can walk to the game to see my Bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!
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