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Found a post on InsideTexas.com from a USC fan.He has the following teams ahead of OSU..Oregon (yeah right),Arizona State,Nebraska,Utah (should be a good team,but not ahead of OSU),Wazzu,West Virginia,etc.As for the complete top 25,well,here it is..

This is what I think the rankings will look like after the Bowls. It's so early, so schedule, coaching and the perceived strength at QB were big considerations.

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->1. USC<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> – can’t afford any losses with their most favorable schedule of all-time. ‘SC could go wire to wire.

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->2. Miami<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> – two tough games Florida State and Clemson (both at home) could run table. Virginia will be in free-fall mode by the time they play in mid-November. If Miami doesn’t get to the Orange Bowl, Berlin could become the only QB in football history to have a career .850 winning average and be a complete bust.

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->3. Oklahoma<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> -- Texas in Dallas, with no tough road games. Nebraska at home --- could go 11-0 into Big Xll championship game once again? Could Stoops be in danger of becoming a Coach who reputation says he can’t win the big one? Or big two? Or however many big games Oklahoma gets at the end of each year?

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->4. Texas<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> -- Easiest schedule of the Top 5 – only road game is Colorado – start gameday planning for Oklahoma now! UT could go to BCS title game WITHOUT playing in conference title game. (Biggest game of 2003? If Texas had beaten Arkansas last year, Texas would have been in the Sugar Bowl vs. Oklahoma! Just another strange but true BCS factoid.)

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->5. Oregon<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> -- Big Games, home v. Arizona State, road v. California -- they win these two, and show well at Oklahoma early, they will be in a BCS bowl, maybe Roses. Big break: No USC on schedule. Bigger break: Jason Fife matriculated. Can you just picture Oregon in the Rose Bowl as home team with their yellow highlighter uni’s glowing? Kids all over America will think that Southern California is hosting the world’s biggest rave on New Year’s Day.

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->6. Georgia<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> – October is HUGE - 4 home games and on road at Arkansas, - October will get UGA to SEC championship game or bust. Georgia’s offense returns 10 starters. This is not a good thing for Georgia.

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->7. Michigan<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> -- Difficult September, must get out of the box at home, tough road end of season at Purdue and Ohio State. Will Coach Carr get to say “Happy New Year, Todd” once again in Pasadena?

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->8. LSU<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> – road games, Auburn, Florida and Georgia – that will do-in LSU’s National title hopes. Home schedule is as easy as could be (well, they did add Oregon State, ILO Houston?). Will they get to play Georgia twice once again? LSU should take a soft SEC Western Division and get to Atlanta..

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->9. Nebraska<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> --at K-State and Oklahoma, meet Missouri and Colorado at home, could go 9-2 and not be Top 10 material. West Coast Offense is really, I mean really going to annoy the folks in Lincoln this year. What’s gonna happen in the stands when Nebraska throws an incomplete pass on 3rd and 2…

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->10. Arizona State<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> – My big surprise team of the year, just like they were a huge surprise last year. Iowa, once again, is their litmus test. Back to back on road at Oregon and USC is as tough as it gets. The ASU “Must Win” to be top twenty: California on road. Two losses they finish Top Ten and still might not get to a BCS bowl. Four losses will be underachieving. This is Andrew Walter’s year to become a great college QB. The table’s set.

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->11. Florida State<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> -- Great skill position players. Somehow Rix and the OC need to get the rock in their hands, “but this year they won’t”. FSU could lose 5 games, “but this year they won’t”. They have won the ACC eleven of the last twelve years, “but this year they won’t”. They have gone to a BCS bowl 5 of 6 years, “but this year they won’t”. Bobby Bowden & family should at some point, retire gracefully from FSU football, “but this year they won’t”. Are you getting an idea for the theme for the 2004 FSU football program?

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->12. Utah<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> – Utah plays 3 BCS conference teams, but the toughest game will be SDSU on the road. If they finish with 1-2 losses, they are a strong top twenty team. Can Urban Myers have you-tah chanting 5th BCS Bowl?

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->13. West Virginia <!--EZCODE BOLD END-->-- Nobody left in Big East – BCS bowl by default – unless they don’t finish in Top 12, or whatever the new BCS Bowl qualification rules will be – look for Utah to make an appearance in a BCS Bowl. Against WV? WAC vs. Big East? And ABC Sports is asking, “who the heck would watch?”

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->14. Clemson <!--EZCODE BOLD END-->-- COULD end up with only 2 or 3 losses. Favorable schedule and returning decent ACC QB. Does the ACC now have a conference championship game? This may be the only season for quite awhile that it would matter to Clemson.

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->15. Washington State<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> - Streak of three Top 10 finishes in a row ends. But strong QB in Swogger and favorable early schedule could set the table for another impressive season.

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->16. Florida<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> -- 4 tough games, including Tenn. and Florida State on road. Team needs to outscore everyone in the SEC, and it’s possible with this offense. My big surprise? Florida wins the SEC championship game and loses the Sugar. Yeah, and they said defense wins championships. Florida finishes with 4 losses, out of the Top 15 and keeps Zook.

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->17. Ohio State<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> – they suck on the road, and have 4 tough road games, plus Wisconsin and Michigan at home. Ohio State could have 4 or more losses and out of BCS bowling. Did I mention that Ohio State sucks on the road? I think the experts overlook how much Ohio State sucks on the road. I don’t overlook that fact.

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->18. Tennessee<!--EZCODE BOLD END-->-- only road game is Georgia, but COULD start 1-4!! If they go 5-0 LOOK OUT. QB is just too weak to be a real contender in SEC, but on the other hand, I thought the same thing about Tee Martin in ’98.

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->19. Iowa<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> – 4 losses are staring the Hawkeyes straight in the beak – if they finish with 3 losses or less, they will be in the running for the Roses.

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->20. Auburn <!--EZCODE BOLD END-->-- Can Tuberville’s new offense get early leads? When good teams get first half leads against the Tigers, the old offense laid down and died. Only one difficult road game at Tenn. Have LSU and Georgia at home, no Florida. 4 losses would be great disappointment and out of top 25. Jason Campbell running a WCO. Jeez, how do I have the Tigers this high? I must think the Cadillac is really running well.

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->21 Notre Dame<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> – Returning QB and wideouts – nice. Returning Coach – not so nice. Tough schedule as always, but these kids have got to have a chip on their shoulder after last season, and this off-season. A winning record gets Notre Dame to a bowl and ranked. They will be above .500. And win their bowl game. Despite Ty.

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->22. California<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> -- 5 of first 7 are on the road – way too difficult of a schedule for the Bears to finish Top Twenty. Cal could be big spoiler for Oregon or Arizona State or USC. Or not. They will be a better team than their record indicates, just like last year. And they will win a bowl game, just like last year.

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->23. San Diego State<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> – My biased surprise team of the year. Schedule is too tough (road against Michigan, UCLA, N. Mexico, home to Colorado State & Utah) to realistically crack the Top 25, but if they have 3 or less losses, they belong. They are reeling in the west coast talent. Really. I’m not kidding. Really reeling it in. Really. And I really think their cheerleaders are hot, dude.

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->24. Minnesota<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> – they have a national championship type schedule, or at least a shot at the Rose. Will the Gophers be up to the task? Nope. At least 4 losses.

<!--EZCODE BOLD START-->25. Boise State<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> – No tough road games. Poised and scheduled to repeat 2003 performance – if they find a QB, and if they pull off another 1-loss season, this year could bring a BCS Bowl bid.
Would someone explain to me how we "suck on the road." If we suck, what do the other 113 teams do? Really, it's one thing to be an OSU-hater, it's another entirely to be a Republican (sorry, wrong thread), I mean, to just make up "facts."
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Quite the clairvoyant in his 2nd career post on a message board. By showing his bias against certain teams, he immediately loses all credibility. tOSU lost 2 road games in 2 years...USC lost 3 on the road. He also claims margin of victory for tOSU is poor...is this Steve Spurrier posting? Oh well, as Methomps has said, every board has its idiots.
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17. Ohio State – they suck on the road, and have 4 tough road games, plus Wisconsin and Michigan at home. Ohio State could have 4 or more losses and out of BCS bowling. Did I mention that Ohio State sucks on the road? I think the experts overlook how much Ohio State sucks on the road. I don’t overlook that fact.

I love reading crap like this. Absolute envy.
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Without thrashing a fellow USC fan, he is one of many who have re-appeared after a decade of mediocre Trojan football.

You can read my comment located on the top of page #2 of that post, so that you won't think I am being politically correct here on BP.

As I have mentioned, I expect tOSU to be in the thick of things to the very end.
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I saw that USCemper...every site has its idiots as we have discussed. I think he probably read all of the anti-OSU posts during recruiting and tried to fit in by bashing the Buckeyes. Either way, his credibility is shot with those rankings.
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Now the guy is on a kick about the SDSU game being moved. The only possible reason would have to have been OSU being scarred to play them on the road :shake: Except that San Diego was all set to sell the game to a business group that wanted to hold the game in Cleveland. I wish I could find an article about that. There's one on Bucknuts, but it's premium. If anyone can find one for me I'd apriciate it.
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That game was moved to benefit the Aztecs financially. They were guaranteed enough money by tOSU to make worth their while.

I also remember something about their AD having been your AD at some time, but I am not sure about that piece of info.

I suppose you can get the exact course of events by contacting Ed Graney, who has covered SDSU for several years. You can find him at [email protected]
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bicycle thief, I know about why the game was moved. At the time though there was a business group that was trying to have the game at Cleveland Browns Stadium but OSU outbid them. I tried looking for a link to an article that detailed the exact course of events but was unable to find it. I wouldn't want to bother someone at their job just to satisfy my curiosity. Thanks though.
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Here's OSU's road record under Tressel:

2001: 3-3 (losses at UCLA, PSU, and in Outback Bowl, but a win at Michigan)
2002: 5-0 (including Fiesta Bowl win against 34-game win streak and #1 Miami)
2003: 3-2 (losses at Wisconsin and Michigan, but win at Fiesta Bowl against the hottest team in the country at the time)

So, our overall road record is 11-5, which isn't super great, but definitely doesn't suck, especially since two of those games were at Michigan and three more were bowl games at least 1,000 miles from Columbus, not like USC's home bowl game also known as the Rose Bowl. Oh yeah, USC's road record during Carroll's tenure (also three years) is 2-4, 4-2, and 5-1, for a total road record of 11-7, which is "suckier" than our 11-5.

F*ck USC and their fans (USCemper not withstanding).
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