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Opposing fans party on campus

luckobucko said:
I saw a post on Herdnation.com about a planned Marshall tailgate party at Riverwatch tower on High Street. Click here: http://www.herdnation.com/forums/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=5859

I haven't been there in a couple years, is that typical hangout for fans of the opposing team?
No its not typical, but it wont be the first either. UCinn is having a tailgate in the same location. There are many business ties between the communities making this happen. I worked on the committee to make this happen. A very prominent Buckeye Fan and business man is making this happen.
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Well-- If I stop by... I don't want to even hear the Phrase, "Redgie Arden had no Business being in a Marshall Bar"

Nice, I promise you won't. Believe me, there is much more in common between OSU and Marshall than you think. For example,

John Drinko, comes to mind first. He has buildings named after him on both campuses. Mr. Drinko donated a large sum of money to help the Thundering Herd band a few years back. Unhappy with the progress, he rented buses to and hotels in Columbus and sent the band to learn from TBDBITL. I don't know the exact time and year, only know it happened.

Byron Leftwich, was treated by OSU medical staff his senior year in college after sustaining an injury at Akron.

You know, as time passes, the Arden incident, will come down to young men, alcohol, and competition do not mix. I know there are many sides to the story and we may never get an accurate one. However, one thing is for sure, it was an unecessary and unfortunate incident that should not have happened. BTW, I hope the discussion centers around good times and football.
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