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Opening round of the Deuce...Tibor vs. Diehard

with all of the injuries and drug suspensions on my team i am just happy to be in the playoffs after losing three in-a-row to end the season....

watch out though tibs....for the first time in a long time my team is healthy....

DesolationAngels (7-7-0)
Pos Player Opp Status Pts
QB C. Pennington (NYJ - QB) Sea 1:00 pm 0.00
WR R. Wayne (Ind - WR) Bal 8:30 pm 0.00
WR T. Holt (StL - WR) @Ari 4:05 pm 0.00
WR J. Rice (Sea - WR) @NYJ 1:00 pm 0.00
RB A. Green (GB - RB) Jac 4:15 pm 0.00
TE K. Dilger (TB - TE) NO 4:05 pm 0.00
WR/RB R. Droughns (Den - RB) @KC 1:00 pm 0.00
K --empty-- 0
DEF Pittsburgh (Pit - DEF) @NYG 1:30 pm 0.00
Total 0.00

Bombay GreenCards (12-2-0)
Pos Player Opp Status Pts
QB M. Hasselbeck (Sea - QB) @NYJ 1:00 pm 0.00
WR J. Walker (GB - WR) Jac 4:15 pm 0.00
WR M. Clayton (TB - WR) NO 4:05 pm 0.00
WR H. Ward (Pit - WR) @NYG 1:30 pm 0.00
RB J. Jones (Dal - RB) @Phi 1:00 pm 0.00
TE A. Crumpler (Atl - TE) Car 8:30 pm 0.00
WR/RB M. Robinson (Min - WR) @Det 1:00 pm 0.00
K D. Akers (Phi - K) Dal 1:00 pm 0.00
DEF Cincinnati (Cin - DEF) Buf 1:00 pm 0.00
Total 0.00
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well, my team just laid an egg. Akers with zero points, the Cincy D getting shredded, Marcus Robinson doing nothing while Burleson is riding on my bench. Ugh.

Nice win Diehard, er. Alan. Good luck winning it all.
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as i told tibor in pm....i have been playing two teams a year since 1996....and 10 of those teams finished the regular season on top of the league...

and none...ZERO...of those teams have won the playoffs...

anyways...it is kind of fun to send tibor packing....:wink:
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