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Juice, Full of Juice!!
Dear OSU Football Team:

Thank you for all the hard work you put in every single day of the week year round. We as fans forget that you are still kids who are trying as hard as you can out there on Saturdays. You put in hours and hours with football every week so you can hear us fans say boy you suck, man can't you block, man why don't you hit a reciever when he is open, and on and on. We critizize you out in public, in the class room, and in private. I am guilty as any fan, and I appologize. I am a Buckeye fan through and through and hate when you lose, but I respect your hard work and want to say thank you for your effort every Saturday so I can enjoy a football game.

Coaches, the same applies to you. It sickens me thinking that I know more about this football then you. It is silly. I watch a game tape here and there, but to think I know more about this team is ridicilous at the least. As a fan I will not always agree, but have learned there is no reason to belittle or request someone get fired(not that it makes a difference). You know this team and I have no doubt that you are doing the best to ensure we do win.

Thanks again for all the effort and win or lose this fan will always appiciate the team, the tradition, and everything about THE Ohio State University.

Go Bucks
Players and Coaches understand for the most part, that the reason that trashing, frustration, or whatever happens is because the fans really do care about them. They care about how they are percieved, how they act, and how they do, because it is a reflection on the fans, the state, and the university.

If a student get's busted for cheating or drunk driving, it makes the player look bad, but also the coaches, the university, and I would say the state and fan base take a lot of the punishment as well because something that means a great deal to them is being trashed. Therefore they get frustrated and upset with the individual that caused the problem.

The same thing goes with the performances on the field.

The truth is fans, at least most, act the way they do because they care. It sounds stupid but it is without a doubt true.
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