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On a positive note ...


Administrator Emeritus
Seems like most of the news links I've been putting on the front page have been negative recently, so I thought I'd toss in a few of the positive stories from the past couple of days.

• Antonio Winfield's gives back to hometown youth:
Antonio Winfield

• Coach Jim Tressel (celebrity honoree), President Karen Holbrook and numerous Buckeye coaches and athletes help out with the Celebrity Waiters Luncheon, held in support of Recreation Unlimited summer residential and summer day camps ... AND ... Coach Jim Tressel and Mrs. Ellen Tressel, Andy Geiger and Archie Griffin participate in the 2nd Annual Bryan Antonick Memorial Golf Tournament to raise money for various charities.
Buckeye Spirit

• Coach Jim Tressel will receive the OHSAA Ethics and Integrity Award:
Jim Tressel

• Although the 22nd Annual Marion County Youth Foundation Golf Outing was rained out, Calvin Murray and Pete Johnson (and other celebrities) kept their commitment to help the youth:
Calvin Murray and Pete Johnson

• Scott Lewis signs with the Indians: The Indians signed their third-round pick in the June amateur draft, Ohio State's Scott Lewis. The left-handed pitcher, the 77th overall selection, is recovering from Tommy John surgery in 2003. He was 1-0 with a 3.48 ERA for the Buckeyes this season.
Scott Lewis

• R. J. Umberger signs with the Flyers:
R. J. Umberger