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OL Orlando Pace (7-time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl Champion, CFB HOF, NFL HOF)


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Possible Browns-Rams Deal?
by Site Staff of BerniesInsiders.com, February 24, 2004 at 9:23am ET

The morning papers in St. Louis mentioned "continuing speculation" that the Browns are interested in making a trade for LT Orlando Pace. Team President John Shaw refused to comment on the speculation. The Rams have until 3/17 to come up with a new contract for Pace, although they applied the franchise tag to him this week.

Howard Balzer of GridironGateway.com reports that the St. Louis Rams informed Orlando Pace on Thursday that they were going to use the franchise tag on him again. This gives Pace a steep raise and, from the perspective of the Cleveland Browns, dramatically increases the cost required to sign Pace. If the Browns sign Pace to an offer sheet that the Rams choose not to match, it will cost the Browns two #1 draft choices.

Not sure how many Browns fans we have around here... is it possible that the Browns might actally get a dominate OL?? Is Pace worth the two #1's if that's what it takes?
Pace might be worth 2 first rounders as long as they aren't both in the top half of the 1st round. On the other hand giving up 2 early picks would help fit his salary in. I think the Browns would have to do a lot of creative accounting to fit big O under their cap. Last I read they are only 3.2 million under the cap which might be enough to cover 4 games of his salary? Last year his agent was looking for about 12mil a yr. I think the Rams are just abusing the franchise tag since they would only have to pay him 7mil for the season this way. They also get to choose whether to match any offer or take 2 first rounders. It's a win-win situation for them.
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I'll second Tress on that one. I would love to get Gallery, but everything I've read has him going to NYG with the 4th pick, and his combine performance probably solidified him as a top 5 pick.
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Hamby just scored but I am getting pissed off at Coop...

This is a conflict of interest...He could either be a complete homer or come across as a bitter ex-coach

Right now he is sounding like the latter...
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I think Coop did a great job. He was unbiased, and gave some good analysis and insight into Buckeye football. He butchered the players' names, but I can get by that.

I hope he does a few more of our games.
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Sloopy45 said:
I think Coop did a great job. He was unbiased, and gave some good analysis and insight into Buckeye football. He butchered the players' names, but I can get by that.

I hope he does a few more of our games.

Not me Sloop! I'd rather listen to water drip.
I turned down the sound and listened to the Bucks radio announcers in the 1st quarter.
He stammered and stuttered around so much that I just couldn't listen to it any longer.

Before you ask me the same question Buckeyehead, (aka "dumbass" :biggrin2: ) I was watching Oklahoma along with Grad.
I agree with Grad, at times I sensed a little bitterness.
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ESPN gameplan was interrupted quite a few times by the bands for hurricane Frances here in Florida at least in my area of Jacksonville. But i did get to see some highlights after the game was over. Nice Victory for the Bucks. Its great to see that Troy Smith through a TD pass. I think our defense is quite a bit ahead of our offense but hope we can improve next week. Nice running by Ross. I think the team as a whole were a bit nervous but the butterflies will be less and less as time goes by. I wish alot of us could cut some slack on John Cooper. The past is history so lets just move on. Forgive and forget Okay ?
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