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OL Adam Olds (official thread)

here is what OZONE is reporting, as well as the status of some of the other guys being held out of Spring Practice


A number of players will be held out of contact for spring drills due to injury. Among those are A. J. Hawk (recovering from postseason knee surgery), Marcus Green, David Patterson, Mike D'Andrea (recovering from shoulder surgery), Maurice Hall (recovering from knee surgery on both knees), and Adam Olds. Olds' situation is probably the most serious. He has had ongoing hip problems and surgery on both hips. OSU Head Coach Jim Tressel indicated that there is a possibility that Olds' career may actually be over depending on medical evaluations to be made in the near future.
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The speculation that Olds injury might be career ending has been going on since prior to last season. While I hope he is able to return to the field it is hard to imagine he will go from 'career in jeopardy' to 'serious contributor' this season.

Anybody know what is up with Patterson?
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Adam's dad was on BN a couple weeks ago and said he was going to be fine. I don't remember if he was full go for spring ball, but I would guess they aren't going to push him unless he is 100%.
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"All in all I am a walking study in what the human anatomy should not look like."

Glad to see he's keeping his sense of humor. I hope he does reach his goal of becoming a doctor...sounds like he can be a good one.
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