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Oklahoma State basketball


O-State.com S.I.D
Just wondering how many Buckeyes are adopting the orange OSU this season. I only ask that because I know your team is on the whole self-imposed ban thing and I know many of you seem very fond of our fans after the Alamo Bowl... so I was just curious about that.

How much talk have the basketball Cowboys received up in Big Televen country? I know I have orange contacts, but I think a Final Four of Oklahoma State, Illinois, Wake Forest and either Kansas or UNC wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility.

So if you need a team to cheer for come March, I've got a few extra orange shirts for ya. :wink:
I think the fact that Ok St. was our opponent in the Alamo bowl has increased the overall awareness of oOSU's programs, but right now ILL's dominance is the talk of B10 basketball.

When the Bucks aren't playing in the tournament I usually root for other B10 teams (even scUM on occasion) and MAC teams. Among the other major conferences the B12 is my first choice with the exception of Missouri (I hate
Quinnie the Pooh). I've always kept track of oOSU's performance since I used to work with a grad and appreciated the fact that he really knew his basketball. If you guys make the F4, I'll root for you unless you're playing a B10 team.

I've always wondered, is oOSU more of a basketball school, or football school?
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Our greatest overall historical success lies in basketball (and golf and wrestling). So I think our fans/students get UP more for basketball, because of the great history: Two titles, 7 Final Fours, numerous conference crowns, Henry Iba and Eddie Sutton (both have over 760 wins all-time).

Now, we are in the heart of football country. The Tex-lahoma region is football country. BUT, much like Kansas, we're a basketball school in the football heartland. We LOVE football, but I think we are obsessed with basketball. You just never hear about it because we haven't been super-good the last decade... just spurts of good here and there.

But with this latest Final Four run, and the No. 1 recruiting class we are about to sign, OSU basketball is looking to be at the start of a nice, long run at the top of the Big 12 and nation.

Us orange OSUers fully expect to be in St. Louis in April. This team has the horses to do it and one of the best coaches ever. Anything less will be seen as a disappointment after last season.

I'll definitely come back and give y'all updates. I know your basketball team won't be dancing at all, so hopefully y'all will cheer for us. :wink:

Just so you know, OSU is on TV a bunch down the line. Here's the national TV slate:

@ Texas Tech: 2pm this Saturday on ESPN
IOWA STATE: 1:30pm on ABC January 15th
@Texas: 9pm on ESPN January 17th
@Oklahoma: 9pm on ESPN January 24th
OKLAHOMA: 9pm on ESPN February 7th
@Texas A&M: 6pm on FSN February 12th (might only be on Fox SW though)
TEXAS TECH: 3:30pm on CBS February 19th
@Kansas: 4pm on CBS February 27th
TEXAS: 9pm on ESPN March 5th

So that's NINE more nationally-televised games for y'all to catch this season. Maybe only eight though, because that FSN game might only be regional.

Anyway, definitely feel free to come over to www.o-state.com and talk some basketball if you feel so inclined.
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"Sorry, as a UK fan, I just can't get behind Eddie Sutton."

Yeah, that's not a surprise.

After all, UK fans hung him from a tree and character-assasinated him for stuff he didn't do.

I think Wildcat fans are the only ones who don't realize that Eddie was cleared of any wrongdoing by the NCAA.

But hey, it was that whole debacle that brought Eddie back home to Stillwater and restored greatness into the OSU basketball program.

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