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okay guys...Computer Question


He's back and better than ever!
  • I moved My computer today and had to unhook everything when I took it upstairs. When I hooked it back up I noticed the color seemed a little off. Well now I have it up and totally running, but I don't have and reds and all the colors seem very bland. Any ideas here? I checked the contract and the brightness and under control panel nothing seems to work.
    Okay so I read the couple of responses that I had already gotten, and sure enough I looked at the wire and one of the pins was bent. so I went to try to straighten it and it broke off. So now pissed off I plug it back in to ask you guys how much a new one would cost me. Well I plug it is....turn in on and now....minus the bent on totally, I have all My color back.
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    better make sure the colors are correct. while you were gone the board changed from scarlet and gray to orange and blue. the text is bright green. if you are still seeing scarlet and gray with black text you still have problems.

    i suggest grad's "idea"
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    Funny story actually about Computers etc. Soon after I got cable internet I kept having trouble with it kicking Me off after being on a certain amount of time etc. So I had people come out 3 times over a couple of month period to try to get the thing working right. Finally I was at My wits end and called to complain and to get somone out for the forth time. While I'm on the phone, I lose it and just go off on this lady, at one point I told her that the commericals say that road runner is over 50 times faster. I explained to her that basic math would tell her that 50 times zero is zero. In the end they found out that when they set it up that the people didnt lower the frequency enough and it was causing the competer to max out, and I got 4 months of free road runner
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