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ok, NOW... Who's your Final Four?


hipster doofus
Now that most of you have probably torn up your brackets, lets start over, and see who you NOW think will make it to St. Louis.

My picks...
Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Loserville.
I'm sitting pretty. My original bracket has Illinois, Syracuse, L'vlle, and UNC, w/ Illinois beating UNC in the championship. My second bracket in the same pool has Arizona and Wisky, w Arizona winning it all.I hope MSU beats UK because I like Izzo as a coach and he is Big 10.
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I hate the fact that so many people on here and on TV refuse to acknowledge the superb play of Louisville and Illinois down the stretch. Sure, WVU and Arizona let down a little, but a lot of that was thanks to the way their opponents played against them. The Illini defense was superb and made Stoudamire a non-factor.

When Arizona pulled away earlier in the 2nd half it was cuz Deron was not running the offense. While I was upset that he won the big10 award earlier in the year, I'm really starting to think he deserved it after all.

Other than the pass by Frye (which he got fouled while passing), the other turnovers were forced as were the missed shots.
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