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LGHL Ohio State's NFL Draft success impresses top recruits

Charles Doss

Ohio State's NFL Draft success impresses top recruits
Charles Doss
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


After a dominating the NFL Draft, future and potential Buckeyes are excited to see what the former OSU standouts put together on the next level.

For many football fans this past weekend was a national holiday. With all eyes on the NFL Draft, one college fan base walked away from the seven rounds feeling rather impressed with how their team did in Chicago.

While plenty of schools heard their players names called, stealing the show was one of the top programs in the Big Ten. From Thursday through Saturday evening, Urban Meyer's Ohio State Buckeyes had 12 of their former standouts selected to suit up for a NFL squad.

Watching their childhood dreams turn into reality, Joey Bosa, Ezekiel Elliott, Eli Apple, Taylor Decker, Darron Lee, Michael Thomas, Vonn Bell, Adolphus Washington, Braxton Miller, Nick Vannett, Joshua Perry and Cardale Jones were all picked to continue their playing days on the professional level.

The aforementioned players might not ever suit up in the Scarlet and Gray again, but they are still helping the Buckeyes. Keeping tabs on the draft, many top prospects from around the country had the chance to see that the guidance of Urban Meyer, and crew could potentially lead them to walking across the stage and shaking Roger Goodell's hand.

Want to know what some future and potential Ohio State standouts think about Ohio State's NFL draft success? Land-Grant Holy Land caught up with the following prospects and grabbed their opinion on the Buckeyes fantastic weekend in Chicago:

Future Buckeye WR Binjimen Victor

"It just shows that Ohio State develops their players and no matter what NFL teams will always come in and of there. I can't wait to see Mike Thomas because he plays the position I play, and also one of the best players in college football and exciting to watch."
Future Buckeye TE Luke Farrell

"I think it's awesome to see, and it shows how well Coach Meyer, Coach Mick, and the whole program develops players and gets the most out of their potential. Being a tight end, I'm really excited to see how Nick Vannett does in Seattle as well as Jeff Heuerman in Denver since he missed his rookie season. And it's going to be cool to see Bosa and Zeke to dominate."
Future Buckeye OL Malcolm Pridgeon

"I couldn't wait to watch the draft. I was excited to see all the Buckeyes get drafted and many others. As I watching the draft I could see myself in two years also being drafted. I want to see all the Buckeyes drafted accelerate at the next level. That draft was a great one."
Future Buckeye DB Jahsen Wint

"It felt good to see because I know I could be on that stage one day and I will. I wish the best for all and I want all the Buckeyes to be successful."
2017 OSU commit OLB Antjuan Simmons

"It was definitely insane. Three taken in the first 10 picks, and then five overall in the first round alone, and all the underrated guys later on. I'll say I'm not really excited about one more than another, you know I'm happy for all the guys. It's what they have worked their whole life for so it's just touching and humbling at the same time."
2017 OL Joel Honigford

"Seeing all of the Buckeyes get selected showed how well Ohio State develops their guys and prepares them for the next level. I'm really excited to watch Zeke and Taylor Decker on the next level because Zeke is so much fun to watch and Taylor Decker was a three-star guy coming out of high school so it's really cool to see this all unfold for him."
2018 WR Jahan Dotson

"OSU had a great turnout with all the draft picks and that definitely meant something to me because I would love to be in that situation one day and I see OSU can do that for me. I can't wait to watch Braxton Miller, especially with the dynamic wide receiver core the Texans have now picking up Will Fuller as well alongside of DeAndre Hopkins."
2018 DB Benjamin Sapp

"What I thought about the Buckeyes getting drafted was it's a straight blessing because there are millions of players across the world that would be blessed to get drafted in any round. The one that stood out the most was Joey Bosa because he's from my hometown and he played for my high school which might be bias a little bit, but I'm real good friends with his little brother, Nick Bosa."
2018 OL Emil Ekiyor

"It was just exciting to see that they are producing players at a high level. I am excited to see how Ezekiel Elliott does on the next level because I thought he was the best running back in the draft."
2018 DL Aeneas Hawkins

"I did watch the draft, and it was impressive to see that many guys get drafted. To me the most impressive part of it is the fact that they had five guys in the top 20. That's unbelievable and it shows the development that takes place at Ohio State. Personally, I'll be watching Adolphus Washington especially. Not only is he a Cincinnati guy like me, but one of the best defensive tackles to come out this year. Anytime I watched Ohio State play this year he was a guy I really tried to focus on. I've noticed how technical his game is and I'm interested to see how much success he can have in the league with it."
2018 OL Blaine Scott

"It was very exciting to see such hard working players complete a dream. It was a real eye opener. Although this may be a little biased because I am an offensive lineman, I look forward to seeing what Taylor Decker can accomplish at the next level. I am sure he will do great after training under Coach Warinner at OSU, and him now being with LeCharles Bentley working out under him. It will be cool to see."
2018 LB Christopher Oats

"I'm probably most excited to see Ezekiel Elliott because of his explosiveness and how he was able to take over in a game."
2019 DB Adonis Otey

"I kept my eye on the draft and Ohio State is definitely doing a good job with their players getting them ready for the next level. I think all the players getting drafted is definitely going to help with their recruiting cause that's most kids dream is to play at a school that could get them exposed. I would say I'm excited for Eli Apple the most mainly because that is what position I'll be playing. I'm excited to see how he pans out."

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