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LGHL Ohio State's 2017 secondary looks better by the day

Caleb Houser

Ohio State's 2017 secondary looks better by the day
Caleb Houser
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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One Buckeye commit sees his stock rise, while another faces temptation from Nick Saban himself.

The NFL Scouting Combine is easily one of the best recruiting tools for selling what Ohio State has to offer high school football prospects. Besides being the first ever playoff era national champions, with 14 Buckeyes leading the way in Indianapolis this week, Urban Meyer has more than enough to sell Ohio State. As we've heard several times from Meyer before, the future is bright at Ohio State.

Pryor moves up the ranks

When all is said and done, Ohio State's 2017 recruiting class may have the best defensive back haul the Buckeyes have ever had. One of those key pieces to the secondary includes current Ohio State safety commit Isaiah Pryor. Pryor, a 6'2' 195-pound prospect, recently made a major change as he transferred from his home state of Georgia to Bradenton, Florida to finish his prep career at IMG Academy.

Yesterday, Pryor's stock continued to be one of the most impressive in the country as 247sports moved him up five spots to land him as the No. 50 prospect in the country for the 2017 class. Also, he jumped up to the third-best safety prospect in the class. While the 4-star has been pretty quiet throughout his recruiting process, he is sure to make some noise this fall. Ohio State is certainly getting a top notch safety that will shine in the Scarlet and Gray come fall Saturdays in the near future.

Wade visiting 'Bama

Keeping with the 2017 secondary trend, another very key piece to the class is Jacksonville, Florida product Shaun Wade. Wade, of Trinity Christian Academy, is currently committed to Ohio State and gave the Buckeyes his verbal pledge back on January 12, 2015. Being a 5-star prospect and the third-best cornerback in the country (according to 247sports) is sure to bring some attention. With that attention, is the expectation that the recruiting process will certainly be a battle to keep Wade in Ohio State's class.

Ohio State knows exactly what they have with the 6'2, 190-pound stud and many other of the nation's elite programs are also taking notice. This coming weekend, Wade will make a visit to Alabama and see what the Crimson Tide have to offer. While Ohio State fans might worry about this visit, Wade has gone on to say several times recently that he is "100 percent solid to Ohio State." It's a long way until National Signing Day 2017, but things for Wade and the Buckeyes look great.

Basketball Buckeyes hit Florida

Ohio State's basketball team may not be having the greatest season this winter, but the youth on the roster shows extreme promise for the years to come. Much like football, recruiting in basketball never stops as the hunt is on to bring in the next wave of great players to suit up for Thad Matta and Ohio State. Yesterday, Ohio State made its way down to the Sunshine State to check in on the Florida 3A State Championship, and get a closer look at David Nickelberry of Windermere Prep.

The 6'7, 180-pound prospect for the class of 2017 is the 18th-best small forward in the country, according to 247sports. He's also the eighth-best player in Florida. A 4-star prospect, Nickelberry has offers to schools such as Memphis and Miami. However, Ohio State may be throwing its hat into the ring sooner rather than later. With great size and athleticism, look for David's stock to increase continuously in the upcoming months. With the Buckeyes now on the radar, the key is to get David to campus for a visit.

Ohio State is in to watch 2017 @ShowtimeHoops G David Nickelberry (Windermere Prep) in the Florida 3A State Championship

— Scott Golden (@HoopExchange) February 25, 2016

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