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LGHL Ohio State wide receiver K.J. Hill hoping to continue to rise up the depth chart

  • Thread starter Brett Ludwiczak
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Brett Ludwiczak

Ohio State wide receiver K.J. Hill hoping to continue to rise up the depth chart
Brett Ludwiczak
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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After mistakenly being left off of last week’s two-deep depth chart, K.J. Hill made himself known with Ohio State’s first touchdown of the season.

“I made that call because I know how special it is at Ohio State. I know Coach Meyer is a receiver freak, and I know I want to be the best receiver in the country and I knew he could get me there. ... He coaches receivers and loves receivers who make plays.”

Ohio State wide receiver K.J. Hill via Ari Wasserman, cleveland.com

After hearing last week that he had been left off of Ohio State two-deep depth chart when pretty much every other wide receiver was listed on it, K.J. Hill had to be wondering if he made the right decision to flip from Arkansas to Ohio State a couple years ago. Hill found out that being left off the depth chart was just a mistake, and the omission became even more memorable when Hill scored Ohio State’s first touchdown of the 2016 season on a 47-yard pass from quarterback J.T. Barrett

Hill’s touchdown catch on Saturday certainly impressed Urban Meyer, since the coach knows that a deep ball like that for a receiver’s first catch could have been the perfect recipe for a drop. Luckily for Hill he pulled it in, because had he not it might have been a while before he got another opportunity to showcase his skills with the wide receiver depth chart as crowded as it is. This week Hill sits fifth on Ohio State’s depth chart among wide receivers, and he’ll be looking to make even more plays this week to establish his spot in the rotation with a trip to Oklahoma looming next week.

“I don’t know where the hell he came from. He is really good.”

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer on kicker Tyler Durbin via Nicholas Piotrowicz, The Toledo Blade

A few weeks ago all Ohio State fans knew about Tyler Durbin was his named sounded like the name of the guy from Fight Club. On Saturday, Durbin played in his first ever football game, and the redshirt senior walk-on kicker drilled all 11 extra points he attempted in Ohio State’s 77-10 win over Bowling Green. Durbin started off as a soccer player in high school in Virginia, and while he flirted with the idea of doing the kicking for his high school football team, his soccer schedule wouldn’t allow it.

It’s hard to blame Durbin for making his first choice soccer in high school, especially since it took him to college at James Madison. Durbin played for two years but decided to transfer, sending tape to Virginia, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and Ohio State in hopes of grabbing the attention of their football programs. Ohio State was Durbin’s first choice and in 2014 just after Christmas, he got a call from an Ohio State assistant. Durbin impressed during a tryout with the Buckeyes last season and walked on to the football team. Now Durbin is Ohio State’s No. 1 kicker, even when Sean Nuernburger returns from injury. Not bad at all for a guy who just recently played in his first football game ever.

“Our expectations don’t change. We expect to be the best. We have to get people ready. It falls on the leaders of the team to do that.”

Ohio State cornerback Gareon Conley via Jim Naveau, The Lima News

If Ohio State’s secondary plays the rest of the season like they did in the season opener against Bowling Green, they’ll definitely be thought of as one of the best secondaries in the country. With Eli Apple, Vonn Bell, and Tyvis Powell all heading to the NFL after last season, there was plenty of questions surrounding Ohio State’s secondary heading into this season. The only returning starter from last year in the secondary is junior Gareon Conley, and because of that he has had to take more of a leadership role this season.

With Ohio State’s long line of cornerbacks taking in the first round of the NFL Draft, expectations for Conley were high when he arrived in Columbus. So far he has been able to meet those expectations, and there are plenty of people out there who believe Conley has the tools to be the next Ohio State cornerback to make his way to the NFL. While Conley knows there is room for improvement in his game, he was generally happy with not only his performance but the performance of the secondary as a whole. As the season goes on, Buckeyes fans should expect plenty of more big plays from not only Conley, but the rest of his teammates in the defensive backfield.

“I’m happy to be back in Columbus and I’m excited about starting a business and being part of the community.”

Former Ohio State cornerback Chimdi Chekwa via Regina Squeri, The Lantern

A new Ohio State football season has also brought a new restaurant in the Columbus area to get your gameday food. As the Buckeye took on Bowling Green on Saturday, two former Ohio State players opened up a new restaurant in the Linden area. Chimdi Chekwa and Bryant Browning, along with friends D’Andre Martin and Mike Johnson, opened up The Pit BBQ Grille in the Northern Lights plaza.

The Pit will feature your standard home-style barbecue fare, and sales on the opening day of the restaurant were brisk, as there were some items that were gone in just a few hours. With Chekwa and Browning being new business owners, there is some trial and error when it comes to ordering, as well as having to balance their day jobs. Browning currently works for Nationwide, while Chekwa plays for the Miami Dolphins. With the positive response to the opening, the two former Buckeyes are excited about being new business owners, and are hoping to bring the community together with some great food.


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