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LGHL Ohio State tries to plant the recruiting flag in New York

Austin Kemp

Ohio State tries to plant the recruiting flag in New York
Austin Kemp
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Ohio State sent out an offer to Matthew Jones. Do the Bucks have a shot?

An offer was sent out to DL/OL Matthew Jones (Brooklyn, N.Y. / Erasmus Hall) on Tuesday. Jones is currently rated a four-star prospect and the No.2 rated defensive tackle in the class of 2018 according to 247Sports. Ohio State identified Jones as a prospect well over a year ago and have been in pursuit for him since. Along with now holding an offer from the Buckeyes, Jones also holds prestigious offers from Alabama and Clemson.

Ohio State has fared well on the East Coast the last few years, so it's no shock to these prospects when the Buckeyes come knocking. The Buckeyes will have a real shot in this recruitment and are actually thought to be the early leader, according to 247Sports. Ohio State will work to get him on campus this summer in order to further strengthen the coaching staff's relationship with Jones.

Jones currently checks in at 6'4", 300 pounds. The question comes that is currently being checked on is what position Jones will be at when he plays college football.

BIG news out of NYC as #OhioState has offered 2018 DL/OL Matthew Jones of Erasmus Hall...he talks offer here https://t.co/w4gyctVW4E (VIP)

— Alex Gleitman (@alexgleitman) May 3, 2016

The second offer of the day went out to tight end Alexander Marshall (Andover, Mass. / Andover). Though Marshall is rated as a three-star, he holds 28 total offers from some of the biggest programs in the country. Aside from Ohio State, Marshall's offer list includes Florida State, Florida, UCLA, Alabama and USC.

His measurables have something to do with that.

Marshall currently stands at a towering 6'7" and weighs 240 pounds. College coaches see an instant mismatch with a frame that can continue to add a good chunk of muscle. With spots being tight for Ohio State's 2017 class and tight end position that they took two from last year, this is a legit offer and Marshall is a prospect that the Buckeyes aren't playing any games with. He's a take.

Florida State is thought to be the favorite at this point, according to 247Sports, but things can quickly change once Urban Meyer becomes involved. A visit to Columbus this summer would be the next thing to look for if Marshall has any interest in the Bucks.

Honored to receive an offer from THE Ohio State University! #Buckeyes ⚪pic.twitter.com/1jXSjhLROS

— Alexander Marshall (@A_marshall80) May 3, 2016

According to reports, Ohio State will be starting their pursuit for in-state offensive lineman Blaine Scott (Portsmouth, Ohio / Sciotoville) within the coming weeks. Greg Studrawa is expected to pay Scott a visit sometime this month. Scott, a 2018 prospect, is not currently ranked by any recruiting services, but he does hold 15 total offers and is projected to be one of the top linemen in the country by the time his senior year rolls around.

Though his offer list is slowly growing each month, he does not yet have an offer from the Buckeyes. At 6'5", 300 pounds, there's a solid chance that Scott will grow even more between now and his graduation day. Scott is a road grader in the running game and can rely on his brute strength to move defensive linemen off the ball. From Sciotoville High School, Scott has been to Columbus on several occasions and is very familiar with the campus. He's expected to visit for Friday Night Lights this summer as well. We'll know more after coach Studrawa's visit later this month and if Ohio State will make Scott a serious prospect moving forward.

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